How Do I Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts open up that world to listen to them all you need is a smartphone, a tablet, a PC, or a car connected to the Internet. Many people use their smartphones or their iPads. If you want to connect your smartphone to the audio system in your home or your car, find out if the audio system has Bluetooth. If you don't know, search how to connect your smartphone to Audi A4, for example. You'll find videos that are easy to follow if you have an iPhone or an iPad, you need to find the podcast app for the newer models. It's already preloaded. You can't delete it. Select one show. Then an episode and press it. If you're online, it will start playing. You can also hit the download icon so you can save it and listen to it when you're not online. If you touch to subscribe, it will automatically download every new episode from now on. From this menu, you can save the current episode, remove it or share it so that your friends find out what you're listening to. If you have an Android or other device, you need to download a podcasting app. There are many options available by the way.

Do I Have to Pay Anything to Listen to Podcasts

There are hundreds of thousands of podcasts and you can listen to most of them for free. The easier way to support your favorite podcast is to buy and recommend the products advertised on it. Another way to support your show is to promote it by talking to your friends about it and sharing episodes you like on Facebook or Twitter. Finally, many shows also ask their listeners to support them directly, either through a voluntary donation or through a paid subscription. There's a lot of work and cost involved in creating a quality podcast. Make sure to support your favorite shows.

Where Can I Find the Time to Listen to Podcasts

Now that smartphones are everywhere, you can listen to a podcast at almost any time alone or with your family or friends. In fact, podcasts save you time. Not only can you choose exactly what to listen to and when, you also have fewer commercials than radio or TV. Most people listen while doing something else. For instance while driving, try and listening to Ted Radio Hour on the drive to work. Or if you're driving young children, find the stories podcast in the kids section and see for yourself the magical effect. It has. Some people listen to them while cooking or shopping, some while exercising some while they're on a flight or moving through a slow line or waiting at the doctor's office some. While walking the dog some right before they go to bed, when you need to wind down some while lying in the grass and looking at the stars, there is a world of entertainment and a world of knowledge waiting for you podcasts and wondering. Open up that world.

How Do I Find the Best Podcasts

There are hundreds of thousands of podcasts available. Where do you start? Let's say that a friend told you she's addicted to cereal. You open the podcast app, click search and type cereal. It will take you to the show page where you will find every episode starting with the most recent. When you download anyone, it will show up under my podcasts and once you've listened to it, it gets deleted. You could also go to featured where you'll find recommendations similar to the iTunes store. You'll find new and noteworthy editors choice. Browse by category and featured providers. These are just like TV channels but for podcasts. You can also find the categories at the top. If you want to know which podcasts are most popular, click on top charts. If everybody else is listening to them, they must be good, right? Always try to download your podcasts while you're on Wi-Fi. That way you can listen to them on the plane or on the subway and you won't have any data charges. There is a world of entertainment and a world of knowledge waiting for you podcasts and wondering. Open up that world.