How to Upload Your Podcast Using Acast

If you’re wondering how they get your podcasts on all major streaming players, I’ll show you how easy it is with a cast. So the first thing that you’re going to want to do is obviously pick a name for your podcast show. Since I already have a podcast, it’s called Sidewalk Talk. I’ll show you how to upload a podcast episode, but for you, if you just signed up, you’ll just hit a new show and fill out the information. So as I click this. I will have the option to upload a new episode. As you can see as you scroll down. These are the episodes that are already on the different major streaming players. So as I click new episode I want to just explain something real quick so nothing gets confusing. If you have a wave file, you’re going to need to convert it to an MP3 always file is it’s just a high-quality audio file that’s larger in size. A cast requires an MP3 if you’re in a situation. Where you have a wave file because you extracted it from a video, just go to Google and type in wave to MP3 converter. A ton of different applications out there.

From there, as you scroll down, you’ll have the opportunity to upload your own cover for us over. At shovel the sidewalk, we have a static image. Basically, that’s just really good for branding and familiarity. Some people have a different image for each episode where they feature a different guest and they have you know that image. From here you’re going to want to add the title of the show. I would recommend just picking a theme of what you and your guests had talked about and for the subtitle, this is where I put. The name of the gas and the company that there with you can add a link to the episode. So let’s say there’s like a product or service you want to promote, or even just their company website. You can add that link here and then when it comes to season, it allows you to kind of better organize your show. You can do that by like the month or by quarter or yearly. For me. I just keep it on season one and just run the episodes off from there. I think we’re in like the episode. 80 something so I just keeps it on season one, and from here you’re just going to add a summary. Just a little description as to what the podcast episode is about so your listener can have an idea before they hit play, and if there’s any swearing in the show, you’re just going to put yes. And if you wanted to get ahead and published this at a later time while you’re setting this all up, you could do that as well.

And when you’re done, you just hit publish. Now I would say like within 24 hours is usually when. Your podcast will be on all of the players. There have been times where it’s where. It’s up in a couple of hours, but I just like the convenience of knowing that I take a single file. I write a little bit of information as to what the episode is about, and then I use this service to literally beam it to all of the players out there just to give you an idea of, you know their partners, I guess you could say. I know they have Spotify, Apple podcasts, and a ton of different ones, but as we click this, you’ll have a better visual as to like. Where this is distributed. So Amazon Music, Apple, Google Podcasts, Deezer. I mean they have they, you name it, they have it. They even have like names that I’ve never even heard of. I just like Google like a recent podcast episode and it’s on something I’ve never heard of. So I think that’s really cool knowing that it’s being shared around the world and you obviously have your analytics to see how your podcast is doing, where your listeners are at. Just a really cool service. I think they make it really easy for podcasters. I think there is customer service is awesome. I’ve only had a cast so I’m just speaking from experience. If you’re using a different aggregator, feel free to share your experience in the comments below and I’d love to know what else is out there, but just in terms of having a simple service that you pay yearly, there are different levels to that. I think we have like the second tier. There’s value in knowing that. Your podcast is going all these players you have good customer service and you can see some of the data behind it. So if you have any questions on how to get your podcasts out there using a cast, feel free to reach out. I’d be happy to help.

How to upload your podcast using Acast

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