How To Publish An Episode To Anchor

Hi everybody, in this short little article podcast I’m going to show you how to put together an episode on anchor for your podcasts. So when you first log into anchor you should see a screen that looks like this and this is our dashboard. Now what I want to do is I want to assemble a new episode so I’m going to click new episode. And since I recorded a lot of information on a previous time that I was logged into anchor, what I’m going to do is go down to the library. And then in library I’m going to scroll through until I find the different episodes. The different recordings that I made that I want to use. So for example, I see that Jake and Tim have episodes 1/2 and three. Thank you Jake and Tim for labeling those properly in my library. So what I’m going to do is in order to create the episode, what I’m going to do is I want to drag them over from the left to the right in the order that I want them. So that’s one that’s two that’s three, and that’s what I see from Jake and Tim. So now you can see that on the bottom the total length is 3 minutes and 38 seconds, so that looks pretty good, so I’m going to save the episodes now. Don’t worry, I’m not going. It’s not permanent yet. I still have to give it an information.

So I’m going to call this Jake and Tim. Serial killer. Episode OK, now you’ll notice that there are two buttons published now and save as a draft, so I don’t want to publish this now because I don’t know if Jake and Tim are done so I’m going to give that I’m just going to do this temporarily, so I’m going to give this a title. I’m going to give it a quick description. Serial killer project for Miss Creamies class. Now, obviously, once you know the actual information that you’re putting into your description, you’re going to give it a nice neat description. And then Scroll down a little bit more. OK, we don’t care about any of this information on this, right? But you may want to change this Mid-south shines logo 0 if you are have a specific serial killer you want to upload art for, you can do that right here.

So just click upload new episode art and then you’ll find wherever you downloaded it from your computer and upload it to this location, it does not pull from Google Drive. So make sure that you’re going to the web and downloading it to your download section. Then once you’re done, don’t click publish now click save as draft. Now the episode is saved. You can go back at anytime and edit that. You can add more files to it so that you can edit the audio so you can see you can come down here and clean. Keep editing audio so you can add more audio as you need to. Then when you’re completely finished, go back into, edit it and then click the big publish now button. But every time you make changes make sure you click update so save as a draft. Same thing, edit audio. Go to the library. Add any of the files you want. Click save changes as you go. It doesn’t matter if you want to add 419, does not matter. For audio it’s all good. Then like I said, when you’re done, make sure you go in. And you’re completely satisfied with it. Then go back to the pencil. Click publish now and then your podcasts will be viewable by anyone.

How To Publish An Episode To Anchor

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