How to Share Podcast Clips to Instagram

The place to be for all things broadcasting. In today’s article, I will show you the different ways you can share your podcasts on Instagram. We do like we do it as you do it. Lagoon, because of its different features. Instagram is one of my favorite social media platforms to promote my podcast and to grow our community. Instagram is one of the platforms we’ve used the most to grow our podcast audience and our business. So if you’re a podcaster or aspiring podcaster looking to bring up your game on Instagram, this article is for you. But before we move on, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and hit the bell button to be notified every time we release our new articles. Something that you must do before start sharing your podcast on Instagram. Is to optimize your account and by optimizing I mean adding a profile picture name, bio, description, and link in bio. If you want to learn more about how to optimize your Instagram account for your podcasts, I have this article right here teaching you how to optimize your Instagram account specifically for podcasts. OK, let’s get to it. Number one. Share your podcast to Instagram stories directly from the Spotify app in your phone. This is an easy way to share your podcast episodes on Instagram. Stories. For this, open Spotify. App in your phone and find the episode you want to share and tab on the three dots on the top right. Something I like to do before this is to create a cover to give the viewers some context so I may add a cover saying new podcast episode or even better I may hop on Instagram stories and share a video talking about the episode, then share the episode from Spotify.

You also may want to add an arrow pointing to the link or a tab here sticker for people who are not familiar with links on IG stories. #2 screen. Record a short clip of the episode. If your smartphone has the technology to make a screen recording, this is a nifty hack idea when I don’t have time to make graphics or audiograms, I’m going to use my iPhone 11 to make a screen recording of the episode I want to share all my Instagram stories and this is how I do it. Shut up, stop on the kids 13. Letting the weekend you can freak out. Yes, Sir Josh. I’m in the love goes there seeing what you got. Do it as you do it. Can do it as we do like we do it like. Good luck, good luck. Let’s #3 create an audiogram one of my favorite ways to share video clips of my podcast. Episodes on Instagram are audiograms. Audiograms are short audio clips of your podcast. You can create using a service like a headliner or a wave and the good news is that they have free versions for this demonstration. Use headliner because that’s the one we’ve used with our clients. Nonstop on the kids 13 and learning in gerning all of those hours you can freak out. Megan Shine is bright and dim. Ask, ask, ask. We do look. We do it like. Lego, we do it as we do it. Do it like like like. And we do it. And if you want to learn how to make audiograms like the pad sounds cool, we have this article showing you how we make our awesome audiograms #4 use your web host. Depending on which web hosts do you use, you may be able to easily create and share audio clips of your podcast. Our web host is simple to cast and one of its nifty features is recast. You can create a recast or a short audio clip to share on your Instagram directly from a simple cast. And there you go. Pots keys let me know in the comments below if you use other ways to share your podcasts on Instagram. Also, come and follow me at the pad. Sounds cool on Instagram. Share a screengrab of this video and tag me. I’ll make sure I’ll give you a shadow and before you go two things will be the nested latreia. And don’t forget to subscribe and like this video.

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