The Best Free Podcast Hosting Services in 2021

Hey, so you’re looking for some free podcast hosting and in this article, I’m going to dive in with you about your best hosting options and how you can host for free. Do five figures a month with our podcasts. It’s a five-day week show and I’m excited to dive in with you today. Alright, so you’re looking for free podcast hosting now. I’ve tried tons of different hosting services. I’ve been offered free memberships and I want to tell you something. If you want free podcast hosting, probably the easiest way that you’re going to do that. Is by trying some sort of trial membership with something like SoundCloud or Pod bean or lips and or blueberry. But here’s the problem. SoundCloud and Podbean do offer some free hosting, but it’s limited. With SoundCloud, you’re going to get six hours of free podcast hosting, and then after that, if you want to produce more content on their platform and host it on their platform, you’re going to need to pay for it. SoundCloud is one of the lower-cost options, but you will need to pay for it after a while. Podbean. Similar thing, you’re going to get a free trial for a little bit of time, and then if you want to try longer and use their services for longer, you will need to pay. So that leaves you with your website. You can host it on your own website. It’s a total pain to host on your website and I don’t recommend it, and even then you’re actually still paying for the hosting because you need to pay for website hosting and URL hosting, and so even if you host your podcast on your own website, which is the cheapest and lowest cost way to do it, it’s going to be difficult.

So what options are you left with? In my opinion, if you’re looking for podcast hosting and you’re looking to produce a podcast that gives you more listens, more business, more brand awareness, relationships with potential client leads, and allows you to thrive and get your message out to the world, then my number one recommendation for your podcast hosting is going to be SoundCloud, podbean, blueberry, and then you’ve got lips in SoundCloud is not one that I really recommend unless it’s an additional hosting service that you want to use. To get more exposure but not a lot of people are listening to podcasts with SoundCloud so it can work, but it’s not the best resource for one reason is you can’t automate your when your shows go out. So if you have a show and you want it to go out at three in the morning, it’s not going to go out on three in the morning unless you’re awake at three in the morning.

So that leaves you with podbean. For me, podbean is my preferred service. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, and the fanciest technology. But it works, and if you’re a podcaster and you’re you want to really podcasts and do it well, my number one recommendation is podbean for various reasons, one is you can automate. You can send to YouTube completely free. You can have your MP3 sent right over to YouTube with an image put into it. You can automate the days that it goes out. You can see the stats and not only that, it’s one of the lowest cost options, so I think it’s fantastic after that. If you don’t like podbean or you want to try something else, you’ve got blueberry. Blueberry is a little bit more expensive, and if you’re watching this video on free podcast hosting, it’s going to be my guess that you’re either looking for free or lowest cost options for your podcasts, with the maximum benefit. Blueberry is fantastic. They’ve got great hosting, they’ve got the best customer service I’ve ever seen, so if you’re really serious about podcasting, but you’re technologically challenged, Blueberry is a great option because they’re going to give you a fair amount of support. That being said, I still highly recommend it. You give pod being a chance because with the link below you’re actually going to get two free months of hosting and on top of that it’s only $9 a month, so you can try it for a few months. If you need more support or it’s not working for you can go somewhere else, but in my opinion, podbean has been the easiest source for podcast hosting. It’s free for a little while, but I really think that it’s your best option, so there it is. Free podcast hosting and what I think you should do for your podcasts now if you’d like to learn more about podcasting and how to. Really utilized podcasting to Rev up your message to get it out to the world to help you land. I don’t know guest spots on blogs. More spots on other podcasts. Having more people listen to your show. If you really want to crush it with podcasting. I’ve got a free, awesome resource for you so at paid to you can see the link right here. Paid the or grab the link down below and it paid to the podcast.

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