2 Sisters, 1 Podcast

A podcast brought to you by 12 year old Shriya Vyas and her younger sister Shayna, who's aged 10. They live in Dubai and thought it would be good to create a podcast for younger children to listen to. In each show they talk about topical subjects, the latest news stories that captured their attention, discuss their experiences on the week just passed and share book and movie reviews. We hope you enjoy it! www.2sisterspodcast.com

2 Sisters, 1 Podcast


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This week Shriya and Shayna welcomed an incredibly special guest to the show - Nimi Mehta.  A wonderful interview with inspiring, insightful and honest stories from Nimi as she talks about her life, her relationship with her family and younger sister and of course her successful career to date that started as a semi-professional tennis player, then MTV Host and today as the co-presenter of the Breakfast Show on Channel 4, one of the UAEs leading radio stations.  

It was a true delight having Nimi on the show and the girls hope that the stories shared help to inspire other young aspiring girls too.

We hope that you enjoy the show!

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An action-packed episode this week as Shriya and Shayna demonstrate their ability to talk non-stop for 41 mins without a second's break!  Shriya talks aliens and UFO based on some recent news.  Shayna provides her pandemic and vaccine updates.  A new segment this week as the Weekly Debate makes its debut on the podcast!  Shriya's topic was 'Should siblings share a room?', which the girls then debate!  The winner of the debate will be announced on the next episode.  Finally the show ends with their movie review - "A lot like love"; and Shayna's latest updates in the world of football including Carlo Ancelotti's shock departure from Everton and a quick preview of the Euro 2020 tournament that starts next week. We hope you enjoy the show!

After a enforced two-,week break due to Shriya's end of year exams, the girls are back again this week!  Shriya reads an interesting BBC article about flying cars and how they're actually not too far away from reality.  She also talks about her exams and how she got on as well as providing 5 revision tips that she learnt along the way, while revising.  Shayna provides the latest COVID updates and draws an end to the Premier League season.  Finally, the girls review Demolition Man (a xlcassic) starring Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes in a futuristic (2032) action movie.  The movie was filmed almost 30 years ago so the girls talk about what the movie creators thought 'the future' would look like!  We hope that you enjoy the show!

In this week's episode, Shriya and Shayna talk about the Chinese rocket that landed in the Indian Ocean, the worryingly high COVID-19 numbers in India, Shriya reviews the Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo and also talk about Eid and what this actually means to those who have fasted during the month of Ramadan.  Shayna provides the latest Premier League news and provides 5 facts on the Titanic after learning about it at school recently.

After an enforced break last week, Shriya and Shayna are back with a bang!  The girls share what they've been up to during the last 2 weeks, Shayna talks about how she's going to try veganism to help cure a medical condition, while Shriya shares her devastation of the family's decision to support Shayna.  Shriya talks about the sad Israeli stampede from last week and the worsening COVID-19 situation in India.  Shayna shares some exciting personal news in Shayna Football, the girls also discuss the social media blackout by Premier League clubs on the back of hate and racism and review the Godzilla V Kong film.  Finally, listen out for Shriya's quite bizarre set of interesting facts!  We hope you enjoy the show - it's a busy one! www.2sisterspodcast.com 

This week Shriya and Shayna welcomed a very special guest to 2 Sisters, 1 Podcast, Ms. Aida Al Busaidy.  A proud Emirati, Aida is the Director of C2C campaigns at Dubai Tourism having previously worked for many leading government organisations in the UAE.  A journalist by trade, Aida also co-hosted the "Her Say" television program and in doing so, became the first Emirati female to host an English language TV show in the UAE.  

A wonderful guest, Shriya and Shayna ask questions about Aida's career, her inspirations and of course, which famous celebrities she's met during her career so far!  Shriya, of course, managed to bring up One Direction...any opportunity!

Anyway, we hope that you enjoy this episode!

A bumper episode this week as Shriya and Shayna talk through their week. Shriya shares the sad news of the passing of the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, and provides an update from the George Floyd trial.  Shriya steals the Shayna Movie segment from her younger sister, reviewing the Barbie and the Princess Charm School film (sorry boys) that she watched with Shayna during some sisterly bonding time.  Shayna provides an update on the latest COVID-19 numbers and provides the latest vaccine data and also provides an update on the latest Premier League places and fixtures.  Finally, Shriya's 5 facts on the week is based on volcanoes after hearing of the latest eruption in St. Vincent last week.  We hope you enjoy the show! www.2sisterspodcast.com 

This week Shriya and Shayna talk about the latest news updates including the Queen's first outing since the outbreak of COVID-19.  Shriya reviews the Six of Crows book by Leigh Bardugo - a book she thoroughly enjoyed.  Shayna provided the latest pandemic numbers and the Premier League updates including the latest standings and matches.  Finally, Shriya ends the show with 5 facts about the British Empire!  Make sure you join us next week as we have a special guest lined up!

A bit of a crazy episode, with almost non-stop laughter from Shriya and Shayna, this week! 

Shriya News relating to the environment is followed by Shayna's COVID and Vaccine updates.  Shriya reviews 'The Book Thief' by Marcus Zusak - a book she loved reading.  Shriya provides 5 interesting facts about Earth. Shayna reviews Godzilla in her Shayna Movie segment and follows this up with Shayna Football, where she has some big news about Everton and their new stadium approval.  Finally, Shayna ends the show with Shayna Life Tips, where she talks about generating and saving money - for kids.  Honestly, if you're having a rough day, this is the episode you need to listen to.  

We hope you enjoy the show.


This week's episode is extra lively as the girls talk about the last week, what they've been up to as well as providing information on the latest world news, COVID 19 updates, Football updates and a new book review by Shriya that got her excited!  We hope you enjoyed the show - catch the girls on their website www.2SistersPodcast.com