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The Animesh Syrup is a Weekly podcast aired on Every Sunday! It comes from the struggles and ideas of a Final year medical student who breaks down the complexity of Human Emotions in simple way. It’s a weekly podcast about happiness, creativity and the human condition. Occasionally joined by guests, talking about things that help us think we often don't talk about. Things like social interactions, lifestyle designs, mental models, productivity tips, things that are hard to examine ,but important to explore with a medical touch to it. We have a fun and amazing chat every week We’d love for you to join! Tweet us @thatneuron or DM me on Insta @animesh_syrup from More info And visit my site animeshsyrup.wordpress.com for more!

Animesh's Syrup


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Wonderful insights by Dr Nishant on Diet and Gymming. Dr Nishant talks about his Radical Body Transformation and has given insights about :1]Diabetic Diet, Elderly people Diet2]Diet for Thin People3]Diet for Weight Loss4]Gym TechniquesCheck out the blogs here. Visit my Page Here

In this episode listen to the interview of Dr Ammina Duthie, a diligent student throughout Med school.She shares her useful insights in a unique manner making it a must watch.For more visit or Dm here and tweet here.Here's my blog! do check it out!

It gives me immense pleasure to interview Dr Tunisha who has been a diligent and consistent bright student throughout her medicine career.

Here she gives insights as to the different Techniques of study and her experience in the Covid wards as an intern

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It gives me immense pleasure in interviewing Dr Akshat an intern at HIMS,Varanasi. He is a Seasoned orator and has beautifully described his experiences during his postings in the Covid Ward!

And delivered his message for the Common People.

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In today's brainstorm we talk about self respect and ego and how to know where and what we have and how we use them.

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With this ongoing international men's week; Today's talk brings forward a very important aspect that is Why Men Should Cry? Its not a vulnerability but a basic human response to cry, then why are men made to feel weak if they cry! Why do they Cry in Silence?

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Listen to the ways of how life's forces control you with its most powerful weapon: CHOICES.

For the book by Dr Barry Schwartzz

Cover Art: River Flows In You by Yiruma played by Tanmay

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Imposter syndrome, also called perceived fradulence, involves feelings of self doubt  and personal incompetence that persist despite your education, experience, and accomplishments.

You ain't the only one who felt so!

Rise to the occassion!

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Hello Fam! Welcome aboard the new journey to Animesh's Syrup. In my debut I explain the reason why I Started this journey in the first place! Call it my Agaaz! So happy listening!

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