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21:11:06 2021-10-17
Joe Rigney | As we feel the temperature of our souls rising, we need to stop and remind ourselves that ungodly anger will only add iniquity to our injury.
21:11:27 2021-10-16
Jon Bloom | Many of us today need to learn what love means, and looks like, when we’re faced with a difficult, complex issue.
21:10:13 2021-10-14
Greg Morse | No matter how many rejections you’ve received, no matter how much fruit hasn’t come, no matter how discouraged you feel, do not grow weary in sharing Christ....
21:12:55 2021-10-13
Marshall Segal | Justification is the gate, but not the garden. It is the door, but not the palace. It is the wedding day, but not the marriage.
21:13:04 2021-10-10
David Mathis | We cannot well answer the question of whom should preach on Sunday without coming to grips with the nature of preaching in the local church.
21:13:17 2021-10-07
Marshall Segal | How might you strengthen someone’s soul in Christ? How might God use you to stir confidence in him?
21:11:54 2021-10-05
Joe Rigney | Does our right standing before God depend on our becoming more like Jesus, or does our becoming more like Jesus flow from our right standing before God?
21:11:20 2021-10-04
Scott Hubbard | A life of laziness usually does not grow overnight, but through day after day of little excuses, trivial indulgences, small defeats.
21:08:39 2021-10-03
Greg Morse | The best shepherds know they aren’t the best shepherd. And so they gladly lead their sheep to him.
21:12:47 2021-10-01
David Mathis | Justification by faith alone marks the end of our work to secure God’s favor — and the beginning of our work to secure others’ good.