Based on the Evidence

Each week we present the true stories of people who've already stood trial for committing violent crimes, and see if we can determine whether the defendant was found guilty or not guilty based on the evidence from the actual trial. Every episode reveals the actual trial outcome so you'll never wonder whodunnit, though you may wonder if the jury got it right!

Based on the Evidence


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This killer couple criss-crossed the country leaving death in their wake.

Peggy Carr was newly married and trying to make her blended family work. No one could have predicted that she would be dead before her first anniversary. 

The Australian Outback is a very dangerous place and it's not just the snakes, spiders, or scorpions you should be afraid of. 

Home invasion? Drug deal gone bad? Revenge killing? Whatever the circumstances, no one could have predicted it would end by samurai sword.

The amazing story of a Mother's love and her relentless pursuit of justice.

How far would he go to be free of his marriage? How far would she go to frame him for murder?

The luckiest man in Florida with the world's worst luck!

Ethan Couch and the "Affluenza" defense

Like all parents, Susan Bailey wanted to keep her kids safe. It never occurred to her that she was the one in danger.

Was Linda Razzell abducted, murdered, or did she simply walk away from her life?