Brown Girls Don't Cry

We're just two brown girls trying to figure out how we fit into this big big world

Brown Girls Don't Cry


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This episode encapsulates why we wanted to start our podcast in the first place! As brown girls who grew up outside of India, we're still finding out what our version of "being brown" is. We dive into our varied personal experiences & all the content that has helped us feel more part of our community.

Whether it’s an Instagram troll or an unhinged Indian aunty, everyone likes to have an opinion about how we look. In this episode, we try to unpack our experiences with food, weight fluctuation and accepting ourselves for who we are! We also look at how the content we consume has affected how we see ourselves ✨

This one’s a little different to what we’ve shared with you before… and it’s about our thoughts on the long awaited F.R.I.E.N.D.S reunion!! 🍿📺

TV Shows and movies are a huge part of our podcast & we think this could be quite an interesting segment to continue alongside our normal content!

Let us know what you think! 👀

Dating and relationshipping today is a minefield. From dating apps and 21st century romance to the content that shaped our expectations of 'the perfect relationship' - we cover it all in our latest episode!

This is a long one! In this episode, we talk about our experiences growing up with Indian food and our favorite depictions of Indian food in media.

Our first ep is all about accents - our own and the ones that represent brown people in the media.