Leaving UK clinical dentistry

What if the job you studied so hard for no longer feels right? How easy is it to leave, and what opportunities are there for a dentist who doesn’t want to practise dentistry  - or dentistry in this country?       One guest shares their reasons for leaving their clinical day job and how that change felt, and the other explains why they moved abroad and the obstacles to overcome.    Join us for an insightful conversation about this complex and at times, emotional situation.     Guests   Rachel Hart  Anam Raza     Host   Andrea Ogden, Undergraduate and Career Development Lead   https://www.instagram.com/drandreaogden   Helpful resources:  Working abroad (bda.org)   Feeling disengaged as a dental associate? Tips to get your career back on track (bda.org)   Careers advice | National Careers Service   BDJ Jobs   About the BDA We are the voice of dentists and dental students in the UK. We have been protecting dentists since 1880. We bring dentists together, support our members through advice and education, and represent their interests.