Mixing it up

Fancy a portfolio career? What does it take to get the balance right? We ask three dentists who have each taken their passion for dentistry and developed an outlet outside of their clinical roles. From charitable work to dental education to committee involvement, we’re asking how these opportunities come about and how to manage having multiple work commitments.   Join us for an insightful conversation about what it’s like to mix it up with a portfolio career.        Guests   Ian Wilson BDS 1987, Co-founder of Bridge2Aid  Sumair Khan BDS 1996, Oxford Scheme Foundation Training Programme Director   Hannah Woolnough BDS 2006, Chair of Suffolk’s Local Dental Committee and Chair of the BDA’s English Council.      Host   Andrea Ogden, Undergraduate and Career Development Lead   https://www.instagram.com/drandreaogden/     Helpful resources  Portfolio career (bda.org) Volunteering abroad (bda.org) DFT Educational Supervisor  (bda.org) Working abroad (bda.org) Blog Home  (bda.org) Career Guide (bda.org) Local Dental Committees (bda.org) Helping domestic abuse survivors (bda.org) BDJ Jobs   Bridge2Aid   Dental Volunteer Work: Giving Back to Patients in Need (colgatetalks.com)   About the BDA We are the voice of dentists and dental students in the UK. We have been protecting dentists since 1880. We bring dentists together, support our members through advice and education, and represent their interests.