Chatty Potter

A Harry Potter inspired podcast - talking to content creators from across the internet about all things Wizarding World.

00:29:11 2021-10-12
Carli joins me and we talk about Snape, Dumbledore, Draco and Remus.
00:35:20 2021-10-05
Mel joins me to talk about some plot holes in Harry Potter, as well as touching on Dracotok and Shifting.
00:41:57 2021-09-21
You guys submitted unpopular opinions about Harry Potter on Instagram, and Liv and I talked about them.
00:35:45 2021-09-07
Meg has never read Harry Potter until now. She joins me to talk about her thoughts on the series so far, predictions, and her excitement to watch the movies.
00:26:05 2021-08-31
We're 10 episodes into the Podcast, so I decided to chat through what we've talked about so far.
00:24:54 2021-08-17
Creator and director of the very popular Harry Potter Fan Film Mudblood joins me to talk about the fan film set in the Harry Potter universe.
00:30:57 2021-08-10
Me and Kate chat about the Harry Potter movies, which ones are great, which aren't as great, and which do the best job of honouring their respective books.
00:43:25 2021-07-27
Which movie was the most magical? Which scene was the best? Which death was the saddest? Chyaz joins us today to discuss the films, her favourite moments, and what the cast would be like at a gig.
00:32:15 2021-07-20
Joined by Dan (AKA YeetedZombie), we talk about Snape, Dumbledore, and whether they were good, bad, or in between.
00:46:46 2021-07-13
I've never seen or read the Cursed Child, but Tea has. So we play a game where I have to guess if these ridiculous plots are from the play, or completely made up.