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Are you struggling in parenting? Does your child have behavior issues that you need help with? Welcome to Child Behavior Solutions, the podcast that bridges the gap between you and the experts. You will hear interviews full of practical steps, tips and tools to help your family flourish. Join Katrina, a 17-year kid-veteran, as she dives in to conversations with guests, weekly.

Child Behavior Solutions Podcast


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Today our interview is with Danielle Bettmann of Wholeheartedly.  She is a very gifted parenting coach, who just "gets it".  

In today's episode, we talk about:  

If you have kids and dogs, or you want to add a furry pet to your family, this is a must-listen episode!  

Michelle Stern shares her insight on how to raise kids with dogs and how to keep everyone safe.  

In this episode we chat about: 

  • Traits that families can look for in a dog that would be most suitable for kids.
  • Advice for families who are interested in getting a new dog and have kids and steps to take to prevent unsafe situations before the dog even comes home.

  • How parents can keep their kids safe around a new or existing dog.

  • What parents can do when their kids and dogs have inappropriate or unsafe interactions.

  • How parents' stress be reduced while parenting dogs AND kids at the same time.

Show Notes: 

Website: Pooch Parenting

Online course:   Preparing Dog for New Baby and Parenting Toddlers and Dogs

Membership:  Safe Kids and Dogs - providing parents with training, skills and strategies so that their kids and dogs can live together in harmony.

Free Facebook Group:  Parenting Kids and Dogs Facebook Group

Follow Michelle on Instagram:  @poochparenting

Follow Michelle on Facebook:  @poochparenting

Blog Post:  Did We Get the Wrong Dog?  

Today's interview will hit home with ALL parents!  Our guest, Jocelyn, is a speech language pathologist, and we chat about those frustrating behaviors that are actually your child communicating with you.  

In this episode, we talk about: 

* How language development impacts child behavior. 

*Typical behavior issues related to language development?  

* Jocelyn's advice for parents who struggle with their child’s tantruming, whining and yelling.

* How parents can support their children with language development...  In infancy,  toddlerhood and school-aged children.  

In today's interview, I'm talking to Sarah K. Ramsey, a very successful toxic relationship recovery specialist, on how to identify if your teen is in a toxic relationship.  We talk about Sarah's unique story and how she got started with her line of work.  

We also chat about:  

  • The role of self esteem has in teens who find themselves in toxic relationships.
  • How to know if your kids are in danger. 
  • How to talk to our kids about toxic relationships.
  • What toxic relationships look like when it comes to teen friendships.
  • What role our own toxic relationships play in our teens.
  • How to heal from our own toxic relationships.

You can follow Sarah on Facebook and Instagram for more of her fabulous insight.  

Also, you can join Sarah's free Facebook group, Finding Love and Success After a Toxic Relationship for more support.

Sarah also offers a free webinar: 3 Inside Secrets High Achieving Women Use to Become Toxic Person Proof

In today's episode, I'm talking with Kamini Wood, of Live Joy Your Way, on toxic teen relationships. We dive in to how you can help your child build the boundaries and self awareness he or she needs to thrive, and not gravitate toward a toxic relationship, whether romantically or platonically.

Some important points we chat about:

  • Defining the 3 pillars of self leadership
  • How social media impacts self leadership in teens.
  • How parents can help their teen to stop outsourcing his or her self worth.
  • How parents can teach their teens self compassion, communicating needs and setting boundaries.

For a FREE consult call, go to www.chatwithkamini.com or to learn more about Kamini's coaching services and background, you can visit www.kaminiwood.com .

In this interview I chat with Jade Kiser from Kiser Educational Consulting and Advocacy about setting up a schedule, routine and positive behavior system for your child. 

Jade's course From Chaos to Calm is currently open for enrollment.  

You can also find Jade in her Facebook Group:  Miss Kiser's Autism Support & E-learning Resources

In our interview we chat about:  

  • What you need to know about IEPs in the school system.
  • Current challenges Jade is seeing with kids and parents.
  • What you can find in Jade's course.
  • Summer break and why it can be difficult for kids.
  • How and why it's important for kids to devise positive behavior reinforcement systems and how that helps kids transition back to school in the fall.
  • What to do when you feel like you are stuck in a rut with your child's recurring behavior struggles.

In today's interview, I am speaking with Maria Natapov, of Restorative Parent Coaching.  Join us as we chat about mindful parenting and how it is impactful for not only us, as parents, but our children as well.

The way we respond in times of chaos will directly impact our kids, and we can improve our parenting just by being aware of ourselves.

Here are a few things we chat about in this episode:

  • What is mindful parenting?
  • What is mindfulness?
  • How to tune into your own emotions.
  • How to do a body scan when you're facing child behavior struggles.
  • Why self care matters in parenting.

Today I am chatting with Sami Bell, founder of SURE Parenting.  We talk all about how you can experience a parenting mindset change to respectful parenting .  Sometimes our children's behavior issues stem from our perspective of them and we approach parenting itself.  When we act intentionally and change our view of our kids, we are more successful as parents.

Here are a few things we're chatting about:

  • The benefits of respectful parenting.
  • How to shift to respectful parenting, even if you weren't raised that way.
  • Respectful parenting vs. permissive parenting.
  • Recognizing age-appropriate behavior in your kids and why it's vital to your parenting success.
  • Disequilibrium in kids... what is it and how the heck does it impact your children?

We're also offering some words of encouragement for those who are struggling with executing respectful parenting.... IT'S A JOURNEY!  It won't happen overnight, but it will happen with consistency!

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