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Hi everyone! Andariki Namaskaram. Mugguru sodarulu is a story of 3 brothers who uses their general understanding of a situation to analyze whats happening around them, find out how they find themselves in a bad situation and how they get out of that situation using their analysing skills.

Hello, Everyone! Andariki Namaskaram. Pamulu patte raju is a story about a guy named as nagaraju who is believed to become a future king from his childhood by everyonein his neighborhood, to find out will he really be able achieve the beliefe of his people or not listen to this story fully. Thank you.!

Hi Everyone, Andariki Namaskaram. Ramakrishnulu is a story about how krishna a poor orphan kid finds his way home through narsimhulu a person of good deeds, and how narsimhulu's son rama jealous of krishna, find out what happens in between rama and krishna through this wonderfull must listen moral story. Thank you!

Hello Everyone, Andariki Namaskaram 🙏. Vajram Tadaga is a story about dispute between Ramasharma and srinivasulu about a diamond, which ramasharma leaves it at srinivasulus house for safety in the time of his visit to kashi , after returning to home and when ramasharma aksed for his diamond srinuvasulu denies him saying that he already taken ut from him, listen to this interesting story fully to know what happnes to poor ramasharma and how maryada ramanna decodes who is the actual cheater. Thank you!

Hello Everyone, Andariki Namaskaram 🙏. Marri chettu sakshyam is a moral story about how a smart leader of a village finds out the liar among the two guys named shetty and kotayya when they started out a dispute regarding a Money transaction, find out how kotayya tries to cheat shetty ,and how the village leader finds out the liar with a ckean trick. Thank you.

Hi everyone, Andariki Namaskaram 🙏, In a village which is attacked by a freater enemy in recent times a wax seller by his luck and destiny got his hands on a huge pile of gold coins what he would do with it is the main story here ,listen to this gteat story of selflessness. Thank you !

Hello! Everyone, Andariki Namaskaram 🙏. This story is about a wolf, which is hungry from a long time and dreams of a grand feast , listen to this story fully to know about how it lost it's tail in this process of fullfilling it's hunger, Thank you !

Hello! Everyone , Andariki Namaskaram 🙏, This story is about a poor former who could not feed his family properly, but fate decided to gift him with a magic bowl which has unlimited food in it, listen to this story fully to find out how the poor man found that magic bowl and why the king is angry on him. Thank you!

Hello! Everyone, Andariki Namaskaram 🙏 , this story is all about a rich greedy doctor Rangayya who is always looting public with his greedy acts , listen to this story fully to know how rangayya got bashed by karma. Thank you !

Hello! Everyone , Andariki Namaskaram 🙏. Welcome to our podcast Chinnari lokam , here we bring vintage old stories to you , i hope you people get that happy dose of nostagia, Enjoy our stories. Thank you !