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The essence of this podcast is coffee and everything around coffee. The main idea is to make coffee simple, more conversational and more inclusive. The idea is to look at coffee and the eco system positively and definitly learning a few things on the way. Coffee is fun - simple - yum Coffee is Passion

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 I was not sure, how I would have structured this interview:-  a) Because I was not sure how to Approach a brand like theirs, b) they have been interviewed like a thousand times, and what else could i get from them than those interviewers with years of experience, c) but I knew I had to get him on the podcast, because it is one of those stories which I feel a lot of people would be curious about. So i decided i will not go with any script at all ( like most interviews)  I am glad that after knowing for a while now, I could get him on this podcast to share stuff that is incredibly valuable, if you ever wondered what a crash course in business and marketing would be like, this is it. Along with the amazing story of Sleepy owl of course.  I enjoyed a lot speaking with Arman, and if you are planning to listen to this episode, trust me sit down with a pen and paper to make some notes. We talk about the starting days of Sleepy Owl to future plans, to the core team to exploring options, the logo and the name to the controversial advert on social media. Its all in there, plus a lot of informational guidance through the eyes of an Entrepreneur ( I hope I spelt it right)  So go ahead, read it, enjoy it, and also Share it : ) 

A little about Arman:

Arman Sood was always interested in entrepreneurship since his college days. In his 2nd year of Law School, he started an e-commerce startup, along with a friend, retailing Bar & Party Accessories.

After college, Arman joined Embibe, a leading tech start-up, where he worked as a Marketing & Communications Evangelist, and gained a deeper understanding of the day-to-day operations and functions of a business.

An entrepreneur at heart, Arman quickly understood the need to make real coffee available at home in the most convenient format, once he studied the coffee market in India and realised the gap that existed. Pioneering the new coffee movement in India, Arman got together with his friends – Ajai Thandi and Ashwajeet Singh, and launched Sleepy Owl Coffee in 2016. At Sleepy Owl, Arman manages Operations, Supply Chain, and Institutional Sales, and ensures that customers are happy and caffeinated at all times.

About Sleepy Owl Coffee

The inception of Sleepy Owl can be traced back to three friends - Arman Sood, Ashwajeet Singh and Ajai Thandi, who despite their love for coffee, couldn't find a good cup when they needed it. Hence, they decided to brew their own and invented a product they loved. Today, the brand stands 5 years strong with a compelling product portfolio that includes Cold Brew Packs, Hot Brew Bags, Ready-To-Drink Cold Brew Bottles, Brew Box, Whole Beans and Ground Coffee. All of these are made with real coffee beans that have been sourced directly from the farms of Chikmagalur in Karnataka. Sleepy Owl has also eliminated the use of plastic in its packaging, and now uses 100% recyclable packaging which is sustainable.

Sleepy Owl's products can be found in over 1300+ general and modern retails stores across Delhi NCR and Mumbai with additional presence across the corporate and HORECA sector. The brand also ships pan-India through its online presence on www.sleepyowl.co, Amazon India, and BigBasket.

How to get in touch with them : 

Website: www.sleepyowl.co

Email: [email protected]

Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: @Sleepyowlcoffee

Ever thought of living life away from the City (FOR REAL). How would that be, this is exactly what Harshita and Her Husband thought like a decade ago, and finally after really hitting the toll of the City life and the fast paced & Hectic Work cycles they finally made the switch to live in the middle of nowhere. Technically, its in the Pench Reserve Forest, but still it is far away from the "City" life. Now living a life far away in the middle of a forest is not as easy as it sounds, I am sure a lot of us would have thought of doing the exact same thing, at some point or the other. You wont exactly know if it is the life meant for you, or not until you try it, and trust me staying there for a few days is NOT TRYING. 

And in the middle of this Huge life Changing shift, guess what, Coffee did play an important role in the life of Harshita. We got in touch earlier this year, while i was travelling from Bangalore to Gurgaon on my motorbike. She got in touch and asked if I would like to visit her café (yes there is a cafe that is in the middle of this FOREST, serving Specialty Coffee - including and not only @bluetokai coffee) and I was like, Hell yes would love to do that. 

That's how we met and I feel so blessed to have met her and have connected with her. That's when I decided, more people should listen to her story. 

Harshita introduces herself as - 

'A mum of two, looking to create a sustainable, slower and flavorful life. My work must reflect my ideologies.

EARTH SONG is a sustainable, souvenir shop, showcasing handcrafted goods from the region and also a café that calls for you to stop the hustle, wait patiently for your coffee and enjoy the simple pleasures. 

you can get in touch with her on the below links - 

Shop & Café:  earthsongindia on Instagram

for stay : www.tigernwoods.com

India inspired superfoods :-  www.pranasuperfoods.in

**Correction in the podcast - Cold water fish is categorized as lowest acid producing food. As Cat was eliminating acid producing foods from her diet, for a period, she started from highest acid producing meats to lowest, resulting in fish being the last one she eliminated before being vegetarian."

I don’t think a lot of us think about things like what is the PH value of the food we are consuming, how alkaline or acidic is the next meal that we are going to consume? Well Not until its to a point that physical ailments starts to appear. We are always told to eat and drink healthy, but well how do we know where to start or with what to start? Does healthy Food means – organic food? And isn’t all Organic food always expensive? And How Does coffee play a role in something like this which is so health centric topic, does Coffee have attributes to affect our health too? Many more questions like these are answered in the Latest Episode – Episode 3 of Season 2, of Coffee Protocol Podcast.

This week on our Podcast, we have Catherine of @Howl&Kodama, who talks about food & health. Farmer – Consumer Relationship, how did she start her journey towards healthier food and determining what is healthy, how she got into Coffee, and what is her goal with Coffee, also how did the name – Howl & Kodama came into being and a lot more. I got introduced to Catherine by Dina (of @sapabakery) if you are in mysore ever - you cant miss this place (you should not)

Catherine Ganapathy of @howlandkodama is a foods trader, based in Mysore, Karnataka. She started the journey with specialty coffee and is rooted by an endless curiosity to the human relationship with food for health. The 2 Instagram accounts that she is available at are as follows:- You can also check out the website and get in touch with her (mentioned below)



Website URL:


Coffee Protocol Podcast- Season 2 - Ep. 2: Photography and Coffee ----- an interesting combination isn't it? We are filled with photographs and videos all over social media of Coffees and cafes, and we go .... that is so beautiful or it looks so delicious. But do we wonder who took that picture or video? Do we wonder how difficult it could be to get that ONE PERFECT SHOT? Often with the arrival of smarter phone, we take it for granted that an expensive camera phone or a camera kit will just do the job and take good pics. It might be right, but what about conceptualization of a shot, working on behind the scene to create a vibe ? What about professionals who do that for a living? Photographers and videographers do make COFFEE look pretty darn Sexy. You see that everyday and pretty much everywhere. 

For this episode we spoke to Saipoornima , aka @sashaokayplease, who is a chai lover, but has done a lot more professionals shoots for cafes and coffees for various brands. She speaks about how she got into photography, and what mistakes she made, but also a lot about those jargons we hear around photography that was - "wow", she also shares some tips and tricks to use your phone to the maximum and click really good pics even at home. She also gives a lil bite about " #sasharants" and more, do listen the episode and let us know how do you feel about it? 

She runs a business called  @Whiteplatestories which is a food photography company and they recently launched a prop page on their website. Selling affordable and pinteresty props and backdrops to enhance your food photography if you might be interested. They have artisanal handmade boards, coffee glasses, vinyl backdrops & more under the brand of @foodpropsindia and @choppedandcarved. If you wish to get in touch with her for work, you can DM her on Instagram. (She prefers Texting over a Call - just FYI) ;) 

What could be in common when we speak about coffee with a Dentist. ? What some of us might not know is that Drinking Coffee causes teeth stain, (Discoloration), along with that what other impact does coffee and other food & beverages have on our dental hygiene. What are things that we can do to prevent hampering the aesthetics and the health of our teeth and palate in general. How Bad breath resulting from Coffee, tea and other things can be prevented or taken care of. Along with that some really weird questions like, does one dentist go to another dentist, or how often should we be brushing our teeth and when exactly is the right time to Brush our teeth, and some more interesting details related to Oral Health.  Do join into the episode and let us know if you think this was useful.  To contact Dr. Kriti Sharma, (Endodontist) you can reach her via email at : [email protected]  She consults in Bhopal at the moment.  Music: - Supriya Nair (intro music)  Music: - Jaokim Karud (outro) 

I always wanted to do something that had more than 1 season, and here I am happy doing it. This is the last episode of the 1st season, and as suggested by most of you (on the social media) we did a Q&A session. Got the questions from all of you as well, some really cool and some really intriguing ones too and also some controversial ones too. I enjoyed recording and editing it. I hope you have similar questions and would be happy to listen to the questions others have asked (i have negated the repeated questions ). 

I am so happy to have come here 20 episodes ... its a lot of handwork getting more content made and get it across over #Podcast but its totally worth it, especially every time someone drops by and says, "thank you for that episode, it helped me". Thank you everyone for supporting this podcast so far. I cant wait to share what is on in the Second season of The Coffee Protocol Podcast :) 

lots of love to everyone out there. hope you have a better days coming to you. 

“Long way up” . An interesting trip and an interesting episode for a reason you might not be able to guess... Truly a long way up ( and longer in terms of the time spend) riding from #bangalore to #gurgaon on the @theroyalenfieldhimalayan :) This podcast episode is basically a lil sneak peek into the ride that I had the beautiful roads , the very amazing people I met and of course #coffees on the way , I had some kickass pour overs but also some #instant that I didn’t hate ! Lots of stories and a lil suggestions to everyone who might listen to this episode (towards the end), a bit about why I ride and mostly about the experiences and moments. After all what is life?? A bunch of stories stitched together , some worth sharing some worth remembering. So listen to this latest episode of #coffeeprotocolpodcast and lemme know if you do relate to what I have said. #letsmakecoffeesimple #coffee #cafe #motorcyclecoffee #motorcycle #barista #coffeetravel #coffeelover #coffeeaddict #coffeegram #coffeelovers #royalenfield #caferacer #café #coffeechronicles #stories #podcast #audio #travelcoffeekit Some people whom I couldn’t tag in pics @clickeatxploreyo @eatoutdevout @bottegaartisancoffee @mahadevkrshna @coffeebragger @soorajtoopalli @toopshomebrewcoffee @sheroes_hangout @tarzcc @thatcoffee_guy @shadowsbyanimesh @shutterbugs_saga @threebeansnagpur Lots of love ❤️

Food with Coffee ??? or just Coffee? . . . Every time someone has ever thought of opening a café, this has been a perpetual question hanging in there since forever. Shall we have food? Shall we have less food? Shall we only keep coffee cause we want to focus on coffee? Shall we just get some bakery items from a nearby bakery? What food should be allowed in a café, what kind of food shall we not keep? Who made these rules? Shall I construct a kitchen with all the commercial kitchen amenities or shall I just have a small place to make a sandwich or two? We are always so not sure about it. Not just as an owner sometimes even as customers. As a Customer sometimes we assume, oh that seems like a nice café, they must definitely also have some good food option or on the other extreme, ‘Oh you guys are a café, do you serve butter chicken masala? Or Momo? Or Biryani?’ What is right and what is not? How does an establishment think of the right balance between good coffee and food? What are the do’s and don’ts (SPECIFICALLY for our INDIAN market). Café culture as a whole is definitely not native to us, but the people we are catering to, are. This episode is not technically an interview kind of #podcast but more like a conversation between 3 people discussing the importance of Food in a Café setting. I have seen these 2 people grow from pretty much a newbie to coffee (in my first #baristatraining Session) to all the way from opening and running a beautiful #specialtyCoffee shop in the city of Gujarat. We talk a lot of food, (cause that’s the episode) right from the humble #breadandbutter to #Kheemapao , to #pinkpasta (fine don’t cringe) - #pasta to pizzas and a lot more, we speak about a few cafes around the country that have some great combination,

Haaave you met @beachvillecoffee ??? . . Meet @Divyajayashankar , founder and owner of Beachville coffee. Now This sounds great but wait a minute read the entire thing (or better listen to the entire podcast episode) and get to know about her. Beachville didn’t just start up just like that. Her Coffee journey started in a lot of ways with filter coffee initially and she is a pakka Chennai kid, girl and a woman. She was in USA, where she got introduced to black coffee  and espresso, it was her husband who was into #specialtyCoffee and got her into it. She was (and still is) very much of a lover of #southindianfiltercoffee. That is how she started her first Coffee company – ‘Madrush’ in New York. Where she initially sourced Indian Coffee (@leo) from Chennai and using @gemini filter maker. She set up stalls (pop ups) at Sunday & Monday Markets, she even collaborated with Paul Hine, who used to whip up some south Indian Delicacy and Divya used to make the 'kaapi'. She got a lil famous for the kind of coffee she made there and she set up a proper company supplying to various chains in and around Newyork including the @adiyaanandabhavan in Manhattan J Later she came back to India, she is a management student and was a consultant before she got into Coffee – full time, purely out of passion. She started ‘Beachville’ to pursue her passion for coffee further, starting small, she took baby steps and then a lil bigger ones, at the age of 29-30 years, she had two babies to look after, one her new born child and the other, the roaster which she had recently acquired , managing all together, was not the easiest task but the way she mentions about that in the podcast is nothing but inspirational. She is clear, crisp and quick. We not only speak about her journey but also talk about a few gaps including the one for “Specialty-South Indian Filter Coffee” and more including (not just), her Husband, a bit Chennai and New York,  Scott Rao, #Geisha, @instagram @slayer @victorioaudrino @mahlkonig #covid #cacao @rancilio #filtercoffee #homeespressomaker @aeropress #espresso @perfectdailygrind @coffeeboardofindia @kerehaklu @thipaih @kcroasters @gshot @threeonecoffee @ikawa @tulum @sandeshreddy To get in touch with her - Instagram @beachvillecoffee or visit their website www.beachvillecoffee.com

This is the second half the interview ( the larger bit ). This is nothing but packed with funny stuff with a LOT of educational stuff. Right from how to do Carbonic Macerated process (during post harvest processing) without spending a Bomb, to finding innovative ways to designing process for barista coffee species and even a cheaper way to make a raised bed. There’s a detailed discussion to what is “C” price and how is it profitable (or sometimes not) with regards to the yield at the plantation level. Find out there secret to how to get knowledge about coffee growing and processing and what are they planning to increase the profit margins. To a lot of more interesting stuff about these amazing duo. What their favourite cup of coffee is and how did the coffee from Yemen came into the picture and more..... tune into the latest episode of #coffeeprotocolpodcast with your [email protected] ... this is a good one , make sure you don’t miss it.