Conspiracy Social Club AKA Deep Waters

Conspiracy Social Club AKA Deep Waters with comedians Bryan Callen and Sam Tripoli

Conspiracy Social Club AKA Deep Waters


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Bryan and Sam talk about Sam getting his feet sucked, Melinda Gates wearing an upside down cross on the Today Show, a heavy conspiracy theory by Mouthy Buddha and much more.

The guys answer your conspiracies/questions submissions and talk CERN, Michelle Obama, the Titanic, HAARP, GORILLA BACKS and many more conspiracies!

The guys talk PED's, drug stories, Bill Burr's SNL monologue controversy, Iraq War and Stargate conspiracies and much more!

The guys talk how they met (which involves a stripper) road stories, Steve directing/writing a new film called The Opening Act starring Jimmy O. Yang, Bill Burr, Cedric The Entertainer, Neal Brennan, Tom Segura, Russell Peters and more, growing up mixed race and much more!

The guys talk masks, drugged out people, fight stories, panic attacks, the Space Shuttle Challenger conspiracy, Only Fans and much more!

Anarchist Michael Malice ladies n gents! Always surprising, always illuminating and always giving zero fucks!

The guys are back in-studio to talk censorship, hydroxychloroquine controversy, shrooms, Hunter Biden's scandal, Stylebender's right peck controversy and much more.

Bryan and Sam talk Operation Northwoods, 9/11, the man who ate uranium, twerking soldiers and much more!

The boys talk Sam getting arrested, his old beef with Dane Cook, Joe Rogan as moderator for the Trump/Biden debate, and of course, deep dives into more conspiracies!

NEW EPISODE! Bryan and Sam talk shape shifting Jesus, dark passengers, 21 Rules of Life by Miyamoto Musashi, Lady Gaga conspiracies and more.