Diaspora Ventures with Media Jay

A show that revolves around Conversations with Tech Founders and Investors of Color!

Diaspora Ventures with Media Jay


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We discuss the founding of Krawl, the young company’s battle plan and their current capital raise!

In this episode I sat down with Anthony Takyi, we discussed the variable mobility options in the modern African city. And. How the start-up Vite intends to organize the market.

In this episode I sit down with Charles Okala co-Founder of Fluxbie to discuss the vision as-well as the current state of public transport in The African Mega City.

In this Episode I sat down with Kwame Som-Pimpong to Discuss the 4th Industrial revolution, the Wars of Data in the future. And Algorithmic Bias in Technology.

In this segment we covered the Nigerian perspective on the African free-Trade Agreement, what a Buhari-2nd term means for foreign Investors and Nigerian Hot topics.

Today I sit down with Michael Abraha. Co-Founder of Mass Adoption LLC, we will discuss blockchain and how it’s powering our world and forging the future.

In the episode I provide a brief and high level overview of manufacturing and value chains on the continent.

I sit down for a chat with one of the founders of the investment firm, AfriCap Management Group. We will discuss market segmentation, public policy and structuring investments in a changing world.

Two Congolese brothers look to enter the Congolese market from multiple sectors. This unorthodox method has seemingly worked for the firm as they have grown their business to over 2 million within 2 years.

Discussion about business and crossover with private and public policy.