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Welcome to https://Audiodesires.com! We create short, Erotic ASMR stories for women and couples. Bringing your most intimate fantasies to life. Erotic ASMR strories are on the rise and we couldn’t be happier about it. Putting any intense voice kink aside for a moment, Erotic ASMR stories are the best ways for women and couples to consume erotic content. Erotic ASMR stories allow you to create a world entirely your own. Instead of watching someone else experience pleasure, you (and your partner) can enjoy subtle and sensual stories that are crafted to enhance your imagination for the ultimate erotic experience. Audiodesires offers Erotic ASMR stories for women and couples to explore together or separately. With exciting and erotic voices, our professional speakers take you on a pleasurable journey through a story of your choosing. Exploring new kinks, sexual adventures and each other has never been more enjoyable.

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Listen to the full story: https://audiodesires.com/story/adrenaline-rush/ In this erotic sexy ASMR story biking with a friend turns sensual and passionate when you seek shelter under a big, beautiful tree to ride out the unexpected rain storm. Rain is pouring down, and you're completely alone with them in the middle of nowhere...it's time to take the leap from friends to lovers in this steamy episode. Man, it’s such a nice day. It’s been raining so much this week. Feels good to finally get a little sunshine. I was actually planning on going for a bike ride by myself this morning. And then you text me, asking if I wanted to ride the canyon trail with you this afternoon. You and I are always on the same wavelength. It’s a bit eerie sometimes, actually. It was a relaxing, calm ride at first…before you challenged me to a race. I’m not a very competitive person, but your energy is contagious. Your playful, mischievous spirit makes me smile. I’ve always admired that about you. You're willing to rush ahead without a care in the world. Nothing could hold you back. To be honest, I admire a lot of things about you. Your eyes...your kind heart...the way you bite your lip when you’re nervous...It’s more than just a physical crush, though...You and I have always had a certain… dynamic. I don’t know how to explain it, really. Nothing romantic has ever happened between us, but I swear we’ve been close many, many times. You’re touchy with me…in a way that you aren’t with our other friends. You always stand next to me with our shoulders brushing, our hands bumping together...you buy me drinks when we go out. And you always look me in the eyes when we dance at our favorite bar. I feel like I’ve known you forever. And sometimes… I feel like we are a couple just without the intimacy. I would hate to misread your intentions and risk ruining our friendship, which I love. That’s why I’ve never made a move...but I’m just so curious…how do you feel about me?

Listen to the full story: https://audiodesires.com/story/time-traveler/ Join us in our first sci-fi fantasy Erotic ASMR story this week with this myserious time traveler and his secret mission. While on assignment, he meets you and decides to make his time in the 21st century count. Naked, alone in a spa pool and nothing to lose, you spend one unforgettable night with a man you will never see again. I hear the portal close behind me and squeeze my eyes shut. It always takes a few moments for my stomach to settle and for my head to stop spinning. I move my fingers slightly against the floor, getting the first feel for my location. Carpet. Good quality, too. I open my eyes and allow them to focus on the plush grey fibres between my fingers. Where am I? I lift my head and look around me. There’s something familiar about it. I’m sure I’ve been here before. I slowly pick myself up off the floor. The effects of transport have worn off and I feel steady on my feet now. Right, okay then. Rule number one… establish your surroundings as quickly as possible upon arrival. I walk the width of the room to the window and pull the curtain back. The lights of Shinjuku are laid out before me. The Park Hyatt Tokyo. Of course, I have been here before. It was a long time ago...or, rather, it hasn’t happened yet. I walk towards the bed and catch sight of myself in the large mirror hanging above the dressing table. The years haven’t been unkind. A little rough around the edges, perhaps, but still passably handsome. I shake my head. Focus, I need to focus. Rule number two: figure out what year it is. I glance around the room. There’s a familiar white envelope resting on the table and a newspaper beneath it. My employer is nothing if not consistent and a bit predictable. I push the envelope to one side for the moment, picking up the newspaper to check the date. Oh, good, it’s in English. My Japanese is a bit rusty. Ah, so… it’s 2021. I look myself up and down in the mirror. My clothing is a little ahead of the times, but hey, this is Tokyo. Anything goes.

Listen to the full story: https://audiodesires.com/story/home-early/ Being separated is so difficult - but that feeling of being reunited makes all those lonely nights seem worth it. Reunite with your long-distance lover in this intimate Erotic ASMR story full of passion, romance, and heart-felt moments. Show him how much you've missed him with spontaneous, can't-keep-our-hands-off-each-other sex in this Erotic ASMR story. It’s been such a long week. Monday feels like it was forever ago. While I’m glad for the work-week to be over, I can’t say I’m excited to be spending yet another weekend by myself. Being another continent away from my husband is so difficult sometimes. It’s been six months since he went away with his team of international paramedics. And he’ll be gone for another three. Sometimes I feel selfish wanting him all to myself, especially because he’s out there literally saving lives, but… I can’t help it. I just really, really miss him. We’ve been married for nearly eight years, so I know our relationship is solid even when we’re apart. But it doesn’t make these lonely times any easier. I miss feeling his body next to me at night…hearing the sounds of him making coffee in the morning…I really took all of those small things for granted before he left. Oh, that’s… weird. My front door is unlocked. Shit. Did someone break in while I was at work? I push the door open and stand in the threshold, just taking a quick look around. Nothing seems out of place. And...I don’t hear anything, so… I don’t think anyone is here. I must have just forgotten to lock up this morning. Wait a second… Is that…? A giant bouquet of orchids is sitting on the dining room table. I make my way towards the table. I usually just eat at my home office desk or on the couch while watching a movie. There’s something kind of sad about eating alone at that big, beautiful antique table. What is going on here? I rack my brain, trying to think of who has a spare set of keys to my apartment...and then I see him.

Listen to the full story: https://audiodesires.com/story/guided-masturbation-mind-games/ Continuing with our Guided Masturbation ASMR series, Susan takes you on a sensual journey of self-exploration and mind games in this audio story. This episode will help you focus on your fantasies and your imagination to help you explore and express your deepest desires. A calm environment and an open mind will lead you to new pleasures with this sexy self care session. Hi, my name is Susan. Today I’m going to guide you in an erotic meditation focused on visualizing and expanding on your personal fantasies. All of us fantasize to some degree about sex and pleasure. We do this to aid masturbation...to increase pleasure between partners...and to satisfy our sexual desires and needs. We can bring ourselves pleasure when we imagine that someone we find attractive is touching us in a particular place. Or when we think about being dominated or dominating someone. Everyone has their own specific things they find sexy. This might sound a little silly, but like anything else, we must practice at fantasizing to become good at it. It’s a form of creative thinking that relies on our imagination and a strong understanding of our minds and bodies. Today, we’re going to focus on getting as much pleasure as possible out of our fantasies. We’re going to use creative thinking to take our fantasies, and our pleasure, to the next level. Our minds and our bodies are very closely linked together. Sometimes, a sexy thought can cause you to become aroused. Other times, looking at an erotic image can make you feel physical pleasure. If we dedicate time and effort to harnessing our creative mind, we can create extremely pleasurable physical sensations.

Listen to the full story: https://audiodesires.com/story/pillow-talk-susan/ Join long-time narrator Susan in a femdom episode of Pillow Talk. Sliding into bed next to you after a fun date night out, Susan takes control of the situation (and you) in all the ways you've wanted for so long. Submission has never felt so right during this intimate one-on-one Erotic ASMR story. Oh my god, I can’t believe how much fun that was. I’m so glad I took Jade’s recommendation to get the carnitas. I splash some water on my face and remove the last of my makeup. As I think back on our amazing night out. I hear you in the bedroom, no doubt sliding yourself out of that tight leather skirt and form-fitting blouse you had on for our date. I am so lucky to be with such a drop-dead gorgeous woman. The entire time we were at the bar dancing, all eyes were on us...well, you, really. And I can’t blame them...you’re incredible. Those delicious curves of yours...your luscious lips...there is something so confident and sexy about the way you carry yourself. I switch the light off and make my way down the hall to our bedroom. As soon as I enter the room, I immediately get lost in the vision before me. You are sprawled out on the bed wearing nothing but your black bra and panties. There’s nothing particularly sexy about the set you’re wearing...but damn - you look incredible. I can see your hardened, perky nipples through the thin fabric of your bra...and your panties hug your luscious hips in such an amazing way...All I can think about is what I want to do to you right now...what I want you to do for me. We have spoken about spicing things up in the bedroom before…and with both of us feeling so great after a nice evening of dancing and cocktails...maybe tonight is the night...I can tell by the look of desperate excitement on your face that you want nothing more than to indulge in this fun little game with me. We have had the conversation before...discussed what we can do, what we can’t, what to expect from exploring this new submissive side of you. And now, it’s time to put it into practice.

Listen to the full story: https://audiodesires.com/story/guided-masturbation-body-talk/ Welcome to the Guided Masturbation series. This week, you're going to listen to your body talk. Your body wants to tell you want it craves, what it desires...all you have to do is listen. Getting in touch with your physical desires is easier than you think - a calm environment and an open mind will lead you to listening to your body as Julia guides you through a sensual self care session. Hi. My name is Julia. Today I’m going to guide you in an erotic self-touch session dedicated to listening to your body. Our bodies are complex, intricate systems. Sometimes it can be difficult to understand what we like and what we don’t like. When we don’t pay enough attention to our bodies, we lose connection with them. If you’re feeling a little out of touch with your body, sensual self-care may be just what you need. You deserve time. You deserve to connect with yourself again, and feel good. So, I’m going to help you tune the world out and listen to your body talk. First, get yourself into a comfortable position, whatever that may be. The atmosphere is important, so take a few moments to adjust the lights, the temperature, and perhaps light a candle. Alright - let’s begin. First, take a deep breath in…and out. Very good. Once again. Breathe with me...in...and out. I want you to just sit in this stillness for a few moments with me. Breathing in…and out. In again…and out…perfect. Now, we are going to begin with some light touching. We are going to start with our upper body and move downward. Right now, I want you to think about your favorite place to be touched. Is it your neck? Your lips? Your breasts? Once you have a favorite spot in mind, I want you to think about how you like to be touched there. Do you like light, barely-there caresses? Or maybe you enjoy harder, kneading sensations? Whatever you prefer, begin touching yourself in that favorite spot on your upper body. You know what you like best...just listen to what your body is telling you to do.

Listen to the full story: https://audiodesires.com/story/pillow-talk-john/ Fan-favorite narrator John guides you through a lazy morning in bed - dirty talk, foreplay, and an orgasm you won't forget. It's so easy to get caught up in the stress of daily life - slow things down and enjoy every second of this intimate one-on-one Erotic ASMR story. Good morning, baby. Oh, it’s nothing, it’s just that...this is easily the best sight I’ve ever woken up to. Of course, I mean it. You are beautiful. And seeing you like this...after last night...actually, it reminds me of something. It was after we met online and our messages got more intimate. I sent you a story...well, an idea I had. I’d like to tell you again...to give you an idea of something that will happen soon. The morning would start with you stirring awake, moaning as you feel heat at your core. Your legs stretched across the bed so I have easy access to my morning meal. Only my mouth so far, gently licking up and down...circling your clit and giving it a gentle suck before moving my tongue back down. One hand on your stomach, slowly and gently massaging. The other hand, moving along one thigh, gently caressing it. As your eyes lock onto mine, more moans escaping from your lips, I look up at you...

Listen to the full story: https://audiodesires.com/story/lucky-you-lucky-me/ Traveling for the past few weeks has been a blast. In this Erotic ASMR story, you arrive at a Dublin hostel late at night and are excited to get some rest before heading out to explore the next day. You settle into the common room for a few minutes alone...but are interrupted by the hostel manager. You're immediately captivated by his Irish accent and sparks fly between you. The evening ends with an intimate star-gazing sexual encounter. So… this is a hostel, huh? It’s my first time ever staying in one.Dylan, Emily, and I have been staying in hotels for most of our journey across the UK. We’ve gotten very used to the crisp, clean aesthetic of modern, european hotels. But here, the lights are dim. The rooms are cheap. And the energy is buzzing. There’s a feeling of history in every room. As if you can feel the presence of the hundreds of previous occupants. I take a seat on a sunken-in corduroy couch in the main sitting room. It’s late and there’s no one around except for a young guy dusting down the eclectic bookshelves in the back of the room. I take a moment to just ground myself. To look around me. The walls are painted over with a series of abstract murals. Stacks of old magazines and ancient looking travel guides line the bright orange shelves of the bookcase. The place is messy, but in a good way. Like everything is a hand-me-down from generations’ past. It makes the place feel...comfortable. I glance over at the guy who was dusting. He’s now moved on to wiping down the window sill. I like the look of intensity on his face as he cleans. He’s...actually quite attractive. The curves of his face are accented by his dark beard. The thick stubble sparkling with the glint of a day spent on his feet. He throws the rag over his shoulder and makes his way into the small make-shift kitchen off to the right. He pulls open the fridge and takes out two bottles. “So, an American just arrived in Dublin. That means you’ve got to have a Guinness.”

Listen to the full story: https://audiodesires.com/story/sensual-surprise/ You may not be the biggest fan of surprises, but you're going to love this one. In this Erotic ASMR story, your lover surprises you with a clean house, champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries, and a bubble bath for two. Indulge in the sweet romance of this special surprise in this sensual LGBTQ+ story. I know you aren’t the biggest fan of surprises...but I think you’re really going to love what I have planned tonight. When was the last time we did something special? Your birthday last year? I can’t wait to see your face the minute you walk through the door. Although it’s a Friday night, I’ve messaged you to say I’ll be home late. Work drinks, I said. A complete and utter lie. I asked–nicely, of course–if you could clean up from the morning’s breakfast, and if you could maybe whip something up for dinner tonight. You begrudgingly said yes. You hate any sort of disruption to routine or sudden changes. And I’m always very mindful of that. Little do you know it’s quite the opposite to what you’re expecting…I look quickly at the clock and tidy up, knowing you’ll be home soon. I want to get ready and hide just inside the hallway so I can get a front-row seat to enjoy the look of surprise and delight on your face when you walk in. You come through the threshold and drop your purse on the kitchen island. For a moment you look deeply confused. I can almost see the thoughts racing around in your mind: Where are the dirty dishes? Why does the kitchen look so spotless? What’s that sweet, luxurious smell? You look in the little shell-shaped dish on the counter where we normally keep our keys, but my keys aren’t inside. And my jacket isn’t on the hook. The apartment is completely still. You look incredibly confused as you run your hands through your hair and sigh. Right after you wash your hands and just before you open the fridge to start dinner, I creep slowly into the kitchen from the hallway. “There you are, my love!"

Listen to the full story: https://audiodesires.com/story/mr-gin-tonic/ In this Erotic ASMR story, you visit your new favorite bar for a drink and are happy to see the cute bartender that you've haven't been able to stop thinking about is working tonight. You act cool and confident, and are amused when he brings you over his famous "gin and tonic" drink on the house. Bold, confident, and knowing what you want, you ask Mr. Gin and Tonic if he's going to take you home tonight - and he does. The Highball is just an old dive bar on the east side of town. Sure, we’ve got cheap drinks and a damn fine jukebox, but we don’t typically see more than a few regulars on a weeknight like this. I get a moment of quiet to myself as everyone’s attention turns to the jukebox.While I’ve got a minute, I think I’ll work on perfecting my Gin and Tonic recipe. People loved my last blood orange and basil concoction. Ah, damn. Guess I’ll save the recipe experiments ‘til after I serve the customer who just walked in. Oh… it’s you. You’re new, as of a few months ago. You make me question whether I am actually good at reading people or not. You come in here about once a week and… damn, if I can’t figure you out. But I’d really like to. A leather beret sits on your head, pulled down low so that your eyes are hard to see. You’re wearing a chic black dress with a leather handbag slung over your shoulder. There’s an edge about you. You look out of place, and yet… like you could take any of the rough and tough regulars sitting at the bar. Slowly, you make your way to the bar. You're wearing some bright red lipstick on those full lips. And you look so good. I’m not usually one to have troubles with the ladies. I know my strengths and how to use them - everyone loves the charming bartender. I’m good at talking to customers. I’m friendly, outgoing when I need to be...I think I’m a pretty charismatic guy. But with you… I feel weak. I feel a bit..nervous, maybe.