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Finance & History


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Carmen Hofmann (eabh) in conversation with Marie Laperdrix (Head of Archives and History at BNP Paribas).

In this episode we discover the apparent and the hidden treasures of one of Europe's most significant financial archives. The BNP company archive, Marie claims, holds invaluable information about our societies and contributes to the transparency of our democracies. The content of their collection ranges far beyond the 'usual' documentation of daily banking transactions, covering not only the history of the bank and the social history of France, but global history and the trajectory of entire nations, like for example Mexico, Morocco, or Norway. 

We will further talk about the opportunities 2020/21 held for the archival professionals, our shared enthusiasm for open content formats and the importance of Marie Kondo inside and outside of the archive. 


Hugo Bänziger (eabh) and Harold James (Princeton) take a real long view on the field of financial history. Can we see an anticipation of what is happening now by looking much further to the past? Will we return through technology to an old form of finance where risk was much wider distributed than it is through today's banking system?

Carmen Hofmann, Secretary General of eabh, in conversation with Nathan Sussman, Graduate Institute Geneva. In this episode of the eabh podcast we talk about the Great Fire of London, the rebuilding of the City afterwards, the role of the Corporation of London and in more general terms financial innovations, revolutions and development. 

Sources as mentioned in recording:

Nathan Sussman: 'Financial Developments in London in the 17th Century: The Financial Revolution Revisited'

D'Maris Coffmann, Judy Stephenson and Nathan Sussman: 'Financing the Rebuilding of the City of London after the Great Fire of 1666'

Carmen Hofmann, Secretary General of eabh, in conversation with Andrea Papadia, University of Bonn. In this episode of the eabh podcast we  talk about the slave business, its connections with the financial industry and the case of Brazil.

Sources as mentioned in recording: 

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Hugo Bänziger, former Chief Risk Officer at Deutsche Bank and Chairman of eabh in conversation with Torsten Wegner, a leader of Risk Dynamics at Mc Kinsey. 

In this episode, our experts will talk about the development of financial risk management since Bretton Woods, its failures during the Great Financial Crises, how the industry has taken on the complexities of risk since 2008; and what finance could learn from the Apollo Space Mission to the moon... www.bankinghistory.org

Carmen Hofmann, Secretary General of eabh in conversation with Tobias Straumann, University of Zürich. In this episode of Finance & History we are talking about financial crises, sovereign debt, the complexity of international frameworks and the rise of Hitler. 

Straumann (2019). '1931: Debt, Crisis, and the Rise of Hitler'