For Teens: Redeemed

As a teenager, you will face some hardships and trials: school, relationships, family, etc. In this “For Teens” podcast, it will consist of encouragement and advice on how to get through those trials. A podcast to help teenagers realize they are loved & redeemed by God and help lead them closer to Christ.

00:23:08 2021-09-27
In this episode, I go into a deep topic. I talk about how you have a purpose for your life and what God says about you living on this earth and why.Find me here!Instagram: @ftredeemedpodcast & @abigailkdeanEmail: [email protected]
00:37:37 2021-09-13
In this episode, a 14 year old, newly Christ follower, Mikaella Rae, shares her inspirational testimony and talks about guilt, shame, depression, etc. and how Jesus changed her life after going to church and what God has been doing in her life!Find me her...
00:19:03 2021-08-30
In this episode, I talk about the negative affects of negative thinking and how it leads to low self-esteem and lack of confidence ESPECIALLY in teenagers. I share this because I care so much for the youth and it is a huge negative factor in teens today. ...
00:15:43 2021-08-16
In this episode, I talk about the importance of kingdom friendships and why we need them in our lives aka. godly friends!
00:13:00 2021-08-02
In this episode, I talk about God-given authority and power freely to believers given by God. How we can start walking today in our God-given authority?
00:15:52 2021-07-19
The Gospel of Jesus Christ is so significant and profound. In this episode, I call a couple of my friends to ask them…”what is your favorite part of the Gospel?”
00:22:46 2021-07-13
My oldest sister Jaydene shares her powerful, profound testimony talking about partying, abortion, a shift in her faith, and how Jesus changed her life.
00:16:29 2021-07-05
I am back! I share my testimony on how God changed my life and a little background of myself.
00:14:46 2020-07-12
ft. MORGAN CAMPIONThese are 5 questions I have been receiving recently. Me and Morgan go much more deeper into answering them about prayer, guilt and suffering.
00:07:47 2020-06-24
These are questions from my Instagram story. I answer them from personal experiences and my knowledge. They are anonymous.