Freedom From Infertility Dr Jindal

Life , Mindset , Soulset and Medicine including Assisted Reproductive Technology is what can get couples with no children the joy of parenthood. this podcast is to connect with you to give you the most valuable asset of your life - Your Baby

Freedom From Infertility Dr Jindal


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Despite the pain, the emotional upheavals, the hard work, it's been a life worth living as a doctor.

I have a life where , my parents ,my wife, my daughter all have been, or are doctors.

It has been a privilege to have been trusted and to have learnt so much from the stories ,pain,  joy and happiness of people and patients whom I have met in my life. I just wanted to bring out a few of my deepest feelings and how all this has enriched me .

Season 1 Episode 1 -  People ask themselves why do we want children? There are many reasons. Few social ,few personal, few deep seated and some as simple as we were meant to have children.In the last 18 years of my practice as a reproductive medicine specialist, I have given birth to over 6500 babies to people who were longing to be parents.There is nothing that gives me more happiness than giving couples the joy of their lives-Children. After so many years ,from what I have understood , I have tried to unravel a few reasons of why do people want children.

These 10 minutes are really from the depth of my understanding of deep human connection.


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