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On 29th June 2020, India's Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) announced that it was blocking access to 59 applications within the country. In a statement, the Ministry stated that these apps were "engaged in activities prejudicial to the sovereignty and integrity of India". Given the size of the growing digital demographic in India, and the wide user base of these apps, the decision was momentous - as well as unique, as far as proceedings under the Information Technology Act 2000 go. In this episode of the GameChanger Law Advisors podcast, Associates Subhashini Narayanan and Atulaa Krishnamurthy discuss the provisions of the IT Act and Rules under which the ban appears to have been effected, and other issues that the ban throws up.

Businesses everywhere have been grappling with the effects of the #COVID19 crisis over the past few weeks. In a bid to manage personnel costs, many companies across industries have resorted to the difficult step of laying off many of their resources, or announcing pay cuts. Recognizing the perils of such job loss on the community at large, the Central & State Governments have issued advisories urging companies to retain their workforce and pay timely wages.   

In today's podcast, Samheeta Rao & Amrut Joshi discuss some legal and policy measures that the Central Government could consider taking, to ease this burden on and preserve liquidity for companies, while also protecting the interests of employees to the maximum extent possible.

Testing times test not just resilience but humanity. Listen to our partner, Samheeta Rao, discuss why its necessary for employers to show their humane and ethical sides now, in the face of adversity - from fulfilling their obligations of government directives, to focusing on upskilling their workforce. Tune in, and also listen to some Monty Python!

In the second episode of our specially curated podcast series on Employment Law and #covid19 , Mahit Anand discusses a few important workplace related obligations that employers may need to consider for providing a safe working environment for their workforce, and also ensuring their well-being.

In the unprecedented wake of the Coronovirus outbreak, there are multiple considerations that arise in relation to employment law issues. 

In today’s podcast, Partner Samheeta Rao discusses two broad themes to be considered by Indian employers who are now adapting to alternative working conditions, in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak in India, with a special focus on “work from home” and “time and attendance”. 

Our Founder, Amrut Joshi, talks about the way forward for the stakeholders of the global sporting industry, which is currently reeling under the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this episode of the GLA Podcast, listen on for five approaches the industry could adopt, to grapple with the unexpected circumstances its events and tournaments find themselves in.

In this episode of the GameChanger Law Podcast, Mahit Anand provides an overview of the key aspects of a footballing contract. What should a footballer know before s/he signs on with a club? Do they have termination rights? What if the player is a minor? What do industry bodies such as the AIFF and FIFA have to say about player contracts? For all this and more, listen on.

Srikrishna Murthy is the founder and CEO of Sattva Consulting. In this Part 2 of this episode of the GLA podcast, Amrut Joshi and Srikrishna Murthy discuss compliance with the CSR law in India, how social enterprises can find middle ground between impact and profitability, and the role of lawyers in the impact space.

Srikrishna Murthy is the founder and CEO of Sattva Consulting. In this episode of the GLA podcast, Amrut Joshi and Srikrishna Murthy discuss the CSR and Impact space in India, and the potential it holds. 

Sanjay Anandaram wears many hats: that of a tech investor, startup mentor, advisor and a sports enthusiast. In this podcast, catch Amrut Joshi and Sanjay Anandaram in conversation on trends in the Indian sports industry, and why we are yet to see widespread investor interest in the space.