Prison Redemption

Emilia and Prof. Wilson are back with more eps of IIBIL's! And in the first of these bonus eps they explore prison redemption. What is the purpose of prison? How has punishment changed and are we reducing crime or just sweeping the parts of society we don't like under the carpet? Professor David Wilson and Emilia Fox talk to John Podmore, govenor of HMP Brixton and HMP Belmarsh to find his view on how effective prisons in the UK are at redemption and why he believes the only way forward is to abolish the prison service. And they sit down with Lewis Arnold, director of the incredible TV drama "Time" to find out how his work holds a mirror up to the failings of the prison system. But is prison really like it is shown in "Time"? And what can you do when faced with threats from other inmates? Is there actually a way out? Subscribe and listen now, to If It Bleeds It Leads, with Professor David Wilson and Emilia Fox, on Global Player or wherever you get your podcasts.