Prison Riots

Prison riots are violent, expensive and risk the lives of fellow inmates. And they happen more often than you mighth think. Yet, despite being such a risk to life, they rarely get media coverage. So, in such a controlled enviroinment, just how do prison riots happen? And when a large group of violent men gain control, how can they be stopped? In this epsiode, Professor David Wilson and Emilia Fox talk to Brenden O'Friel, the Prison Govenor in charge during the HMP Strangeways riot. In this rare and exclusive interview we hear firsthand what its like to be trapped in an escalating prison riot, where prisoners have the keys to all the doors and the prison staff are hopelessly outnumbered. And in a second interview, we hear from screenwriter and documentary maker Rex Bloomstien, the man behind the infamous documentary "Strangeways". We find out just what he discovered at Strangeways and his thoughts on the explosive situation inside the prison, that meant the riot wasonly a matter of time. Subscribe and listen now, to If It Bleeds It Leads, with Professor David Wilson and Emilia Fox, on Global Player or wherever you get your podcasts.