Scandi Noir

We all know and love Scandinavian crime drama, but why? What is it that captivates us about Scandi Noir, why does it have such a rich heritage and what sets it apart from other crime drama genres? In this epsiode, Professor David Wilson and Emilia Fox talk to Scandi Noir expert Professor Steve Hall about his theories around Ultra-Realism. Prof. Hall explains how Scandi Noir has a lot of offer us in explaining patterns in society, predicting trends of behaviour and better understanding social interactions. And they speak to screenwriter Peter Harness, who was the lead writer for Wallander amung many other well known crime dramas. Peter moved to Scandinavia and even lives near where Wallander was filmed. Emilia and Prof. Wilson discover the similarities between real life and Scandi Noir, and the politics motivations for change that gave this crime drama genre its unique beginnings. Subscribe and listen now, to If It Bleeds It Leads, with Professor David Wilson and Emilia Fox, on Global Player or wherever you get your podcasts.