The Crime Chromosome

Overwhelmingly, its men that kill, men that commit violent crime and men that steal, burn and vandalise property. So why do men do it? And why are incidents of these crimes so low amung women? Could it be that men are wired to commit crime? Are men predisposed to be violent? Does being male make you want to steal? Is it in our genes? Or are men socialised to be criminals? In this in-depth look at the idea of crime being linked to our DNA, Professor David Wilson and Emilia Fox talk to the Professor Simon Winlow. Simon, the former vice president of the british society of crimonology and world expert on masculinity, offers rare insight into just what is really driving men to commit crimes and why in many cases women aren't following suit. And David and Emilia welcome back Donal MacIntyre for his second interview of the series to talk about how he has used different masculine tropes to succesfully infiltrate some of the worlds most dangerous gangs, like for example when he went to Europe wearing a wire to buy explosives from organised criminals who demanded he be stripped and searched. What happened next? Listen to find out! Subscribe and listen now, to If It Bleeds It Leads, with Professor David Wilson and Emilia Fox, on Global Player or wherever you get your podcasts.

by If It Bleeds, It Leads