Just Like U!!

Lets get on to this journey of common but the real you. This podcast is all about the challenges a normal person faces , it also throws light on the experiences ,the highs and lows that comes into a person's life and how one tackles all those situations. It actually describes the authentic you in this authentic world which is not always a fairy tale as being told to us in our childhood. It shares the stories of smart combat with this real world.

Just Like U!!


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Sharing my memories of how I used to live in pg cum flat versus how I feel being at home..the nostalgia I got while laying on bed..sharing my thoughts at this late hour...hope you love this. P.S : Ignore the disturbances in the background and too many "u knw" in my statement 😜.Enjoy this unedited version of episode!!

Sharing my experience of getting vaccinated.. you guys too shall get yourself vexed if you haven't still..Stay strong..stay safe..don't believe in rumours..validate the fact first before believing..

This episode is dedicated to our mini world..to our angels on earth..to our beloved mothers.. A day is not enough to thank her and love her but definitely we can use this opportunity to express our endless love and care to Her... !!

This episode is recorded by me on special request of people who want me to share my views and experiences on anxiety and depression. Someone going in bad phase must go on through this, hope it may help.. God bless all those fighting with depression and anxiety and may they enjoy their life to the utmost level..

Last week we have witnessed quite bad things.. we have been little disturbed..it is a small discussion of how we can get enthu rather than being anxious and how can we look forward to each new day we have infront of us ..

Have you ever been asked to get married even if you do not want to. How you feel when everyone especially your parents always are behind you to get marriead as soon as possible. This episode is a small illustration of all that which anyone who runs far from getting engaged goes through.