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Mistech Podcast w/ Jay Kapoor & Vedant Rusty


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Welcome to episode 4 of the MisTech Podcast with @Jay Kapoor​ , @Inspire2Hindi​ & @Vedant Rusty​ where they talk about the most interesting topics from the world of tech. 

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In this video: 

00:00​ //  Intro
01:20​ //  Reading Books
04:23​ //  MKBHD Wasting Money?
05:30​ //  Technicalities of Video Production
07:15​ //  Audio Issues in Podcast
08:25​ //  Gionee Founder
09:30​ //  Gambling in India
10:12​ //  Importance of Lighting
12:30​ //  Why Vedant & Jay live together
15:30​ //  Professional Ethics
16:45​ //  Why do Companies go broke
24:20​ //  Jay and his Phone
26:30​ //  Xiaomi New Logo
29:30​ //  Do People still watch T.V.
32:55​ //  Run after Money?
37:00​ //  Outro

In this episode of the MisTech Podcast, Vedant Rusty, Jay Kapoor & Aditya Nath Jha talk about the latest NFT trends, what it entails for content creators, and share a lot of inside information about the Indian Tech YouTube Industry, primarily why the Indian Tech YouTubers are dying out as a community. 

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Welcome to episode two of the Mistech Podcast w/  @Jay Kapoor  ,  @Vedant Rusty  &  @Inspire2Hindi  where the conversation revolves around Bitcoin, Audiophile preferences, YouTube algorithm, Instagram Account Removal, discussion on why people buy expensive mobile phones and much more. 

Leave a comment about what topics you want discussed on the next episode. 

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Welcome to the first episode of the mistech podcast with Jay Kapoor, Vedant Rusty and guest Aditya Nath Jha. Jay and Aditya are well respected manners of the Indian tech community and thought leaders in the space, in this episode the trio talks about the world of tech news, YouTube tech influencers and much more. 

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