Know Your Podcast Contest Presents Magical Marathi: Interplay of Fun Phrases

Chiranthana's Art Courtyard and My Legend Podcast present an unique contest for a set of  handpicked young  visually challenged students from the length and breadth of the country. In this video,  participants Akshay Mohite and Shoukat Gavandi  explore the joys of podcasting through their podcast titled, Magical Marathi which is a fun conversation with a light interplay of Marathi and Hindi phrases. Conceptualization & Execution: Shantheri Mallaya (Host, My Legend Podcast) Post Production (Editing/Styling)  P D Sathish Chandra Coordination:  Srishti Sharath COPYRIGHT NOTE: This content piece is being reproduced with the full consent of Chiranthana's Art Courtyard Productions, who are the holders of the copyright for this content Tags #Podcasting #disabilities #socialenterprise #contest #helptheblind #Chiranthana #education #equality #inclusiveness  #fun #marathi #hindi #magicalmarathi #shayari --- Send in a voice message:

by My Legend