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We're stopping off at Durham this week to catch up with LJ Ross's heroic protagonist, Detective Chief Inspector Ryan, as he embroils himself in some unsaintly murder and mystery at Durham cathedral. We ask that all-important question: why is religion so often a theme in crime fiction?

L.J. Ross website; St Cuthbert's treasures at Durham Cathedral: History of St Cuthbert

This week we're in Leeds and delve into Ali Harper's feminist crime novels and her two unforgettable private eyes, Lee and Jo.

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Ali Harper website: https://aliharperwrites.wordpress.com/
Roundhay Park website: https://www.roundhaypark.org.uk/
Leeds West Indian Carnival: https://www.leedscarnival.co.uk/

This week, we drive over the hills to Bradford, where we meet DS Nikki Parekh, Liz Mistry's feisty, fierce, and troubled protagonist.

Liz Mistry website: https://www.lizmistry.com/product/last_request/

We kick off our podcast series in Manchester with Kate Brannigan, Val McDermid's fabulously kick-ass private eye.

Val McDermid website: https://www.valmcdermid.com/books/all-books/

Caz and Katie set off on their journey. And they'll pick you up on the way.