OnlyFun with Chico and Gino

They wish they knew how to quit each other, but apparently they’re back for more. Former radio partners Chico Garcia and Gino Quillamor reunite to talk life and entertainment. They’ll watch one episode of random shows and talk about what they think, and who knows what other shenanigans? Will this be a case of sweeter the second time around, or a matter of di na natuto? Join their podcast journey through thicc or thin, for richer or for newer lucrative contracts, in weight gain and in health, till greener pastures do them part. New episodes every Wednesday, no drama, OnlyFun.

OnlyFun with Chico and Gino


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Join Chico and Gino as they thrust headfirst into these black hole topics. Probe deeper, think long and hard, to find answers to these throbbing questions. Penetrate each other’s opinions until you reach an explosive climax. (You like dat?)

What happens when real, legit, actual queens visit our mga munting prinsesa? Will beauty and glamour triumph, or will kalat and kagulo rule? Just Between Us Queens, check out this epic encounter to find out!👑

Bad girl gone good, good boy gone bad. And no, we’re not talking about Chico and Gino. This week we’re going anime, whether you’re go go go, or yamete kudasai, you might enjoy this slice of Japan.

What happens when a straight guy (well, mostly straight) watches an episode of a BL series? YOU WILL BE SHOCKED WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!! Okay bang clickbait?😉

Consider this an audition to the second season of Trese and the non-gender specific sequel of Fangirl. You have been warned.

LOTS of catching up between former radio partners, turned on-air rivals, turned podcast lovers, este, partners. Apparently one got into K-dramas while the other got into BL. Can you guess who got into what?🤣

Pampa-excite lang.