10. Tim Franco on North Korean Defectors

Episode 10. Tim Franco explores his Photographic Memory: an image taken at night from the rooftops of a rapidly changing Shanghai.Tim is French but has lived in Asia for 15 years, now residing in Seoul, South Korea. He shares his growth throughout his time there, discussing a few of the key projects he's worked one along the way. This includes 'Metamorpolis' looking at how a largely rural population is struggling to find its spaces into a fast developing city.This year, Tim released his most recent book 'Unperson: Portraits of North Korean Defectors'. This work, shot on expired instant film, shows a new side to his work and he explores how he approached the project as well as sharing the trauma and inspiration from each of his subjects. In conversation with Vogue, Mr Porter & New York Times photographer Jonathan Daniel Pryce aka GarçonJon. Find more info on the guests and photographs mentioned in this episode below:Web:https://photographicmemory.show/Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/garconjon/