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Punditry on a pint


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The Euros are here and we absolutely cannot wait. Join our latest episode where we introduce our listeners to the superstars featuring in the euros, team by team and group by group. Stay tuned until the end where we also do our own predictor right until the final.

It’s the season finale! With many twists and turns we have reached the last episode of the season. Tune in and listen as we dissect football across Europe!

Who needs tv shows when you have the premier league? With incredible drama on the final day, tune into our latest episode where we dissect another bizarre season in the premier league. Who impressed the armchair pundits the most and who didn’t? listen in to find out! 

Who’s sick of their owners👆🏻

Join us as we take a deep dive into the vastly complicated ownership structures of our favourite clubs. Who’s good and who’s bad? Tune in to find out more!

Tune in to our latest episode where we dissect the dominance of English teams in European football, with an Ode to Ole and finally our predictions for the up coming mega European finals

Tune into this week’s episode where we go through the nominees for the Premier League Hall of Fame

What happens when 4 average blokes rant about the announcement of the European Super League? It gets cancelled, and we get our ball back. 

Tune into the episode where we save football

Every once in a while there comes together a group of remarkable players that wow everyone. Most times they win but sometimes they don’t. Tune into our latest episode, where we dissect the golden generations of International football!

Raise your hand if you think football is getting too complicated. 

Tune in to our latest episode where we take a deep dive into the confusing world of football rules.  Offensive  handballs? Defensive handballs? Firminos armpit??

Listen in to know more

Hand of god. Bites. Pigs heads. Banana. Cocaine. Football and controversies are hand-in-hand! Why watch daily soaps when you have the drama from football? Tune into our latest episode about controversial players!