It’s 2020 and the first college semester back during the COVID-19 pandemic. Two sophomores are thrown together in a dorm and forced to coexist. College is hard enough without quarantining and flirty tension. Starring Nik Whittemore (More Than Just Me) as frat boy Olly and Briggon Snow (The Bright Sessions) as studious Casper.

00:04:29 2021-09-15
Casper surprises Olly with a birthday zoom with his frat brothers, and a “whatever you want” pass.  Guest Voices: Jordan Cope, Andy Lalwani, Justin McLachlan & Tyler Lofton
00:10:36 2021-09-15
On the eve of winter break, Olly finally gets Casper to admit how he feels and the two go for it before they run out of time. 
00:04:25 2021-09-15
Casper and Olly are completely out of sync, with all of the progress they made to become friends seemingly slipping away. 
00:05:11 2021-09-15
Olly is second to arrive back from break and they each needle each other about who they saw and what they did. Things are still not great between them. 
00:06:36 2021-09-15
It’s the morning after and things are a little awkward and surprisingly heated with neither of the guys acknowledging what happened in Casper’s bed. 
00:04:10 2021-09-15
It’s the night before Thanksgiving break and the guys pass out on Casper’s bed during a movie. In the middle of the night - through closed eyes - something happens. 
00:05:38 2021-09-15
After a stressful call with his parents, Olly helps Casper with his laundry and asks about Casper’s ex-boyfriend. 
00:09:22 2021-09-15
It’s Halloween night and the guys party in their room. Drinking leads to games and some truths about how they feel about each other. 
00:04:09 2021-09-15
Olly gets up in the middle of the night to tear down the wall separating the room. Casper joins in and they both recognize that things are better between them. 
00:05:00 2021-09-15
Olly calls Casper out on his hypocrisy after catching him breaking one of his own mask rules. A confrontation turns into a tutoring plan.