Sex and the Sydnee

Miss the days of Carrie Bradshaw and sleepovers with the girls? Join Sydnee Paige breaking down sex, dating, business, and more. This podcast looks to center women and enhancing their experiences.

00:38:22 2021-10-13
In this episode, Sydnee details how to get the best pu**y of your life, inside and out. Syd discusses everything from supplements to shaving.She also goes into detail of the perfect scenario to use sexting in and shows you how to do it confidently.
00:31:33 2021-10-06
This episode Sydnee details the best sex toys available at your fingertips, how to bring up using them with your partner, and how to finish EVERY SINGLE TIME.
00:22:08 2021-09-29
This episode Sydnee delves into her tumultuous relationship with her much older ex-boyfriend. By much older we mean the exact age gap of John Mayer and Taylor Swift… but who’s counting?
00:22:50 2021-09-29
In this episode, Sydnee details her instantly viral blowjob technique that will leave you feeling like a goddess in bed. This was too hot for TikTok and left her banned for a week. Spit or swallow?
00:29:08 2021-09-29
Join Sydnee Paige as she shares the embarrassing, personal, and dirty details of her life as a 20-something in NYC. This episode is about virginity and the golden rule when deciding whether or not you want to have sex with someone.