Si Vis Pacem

Diving deep into the issues of transatlantic security and American foreign policy, Si VIs Pacem is the podcast run by students of the John F, Kennedy Institut for North American Studies, a central institute at Freie Universität Berlin. Our mission is to bring an academic perspective on contemporary and historical events that shape the international system. Should you have any comments or suggestions regarding the podcast, send us an e-mail on [email protected] You are also welcome to become a patron of our podcast here https://www.patreon.com/sivispacem_jfki

Si Vis Pacem


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In this episode of Si VIs Pacem, we discuss the dislocation of additional Russian troops near the Ukrainian border

#45 - Lost and Found: NATO's Purpose in the Pre- and Post-Cold War History by Si Vis Pacem

In this episode of Si Vis Pacem, we discuss the realist school of thought as well as the personal experience of having xlcasses with John Mearsheimer.

This episode is a conversation with Dr David Bosold, the dean of studies at John-F.-Kennedy Institute in Berlin (JFKI) and the managing director of the Graduate School of North American Studies (GNAS). In the episode, we discussed the conditions of the multipolar world, the prospects for common European security and the failure of the German government to vaccinate the population and reopen the country.

In this episode, we discuss the results of the Munich Security Conference that took place online this year. We compare it to the previous one and try to figure out what Beyond Westlesness” means for Nato-Russia relations.

#41 - Fait Accompli: Biden's Efforts to Save American Hegemony by Si Vis Pacem

#40 - Avoiding a New Cuban Missile Crisis: Prospects for US-Russia Relations by Si Vis Pacem

#39 - Turning Point: Navalny Protests and Biden's Actions by Si Vis Pacem

In this episode of Si Vis Pacem, we discuss prospects for American politics after Donald Trump. We try to determine what changes are possible under Democratic leadership in both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

In this episode of Si Vis Pacem, we discuss the rationale behind the EU’s intentions to strike an investment deal with China despite Americana concerns. We look at how this deal will affect the US-EU relations and how Biden’s administration will respond to that.