STRANGELAND is a new series from audiochuck that reexamines cases in immigrant neighborhoods. Hosted by investigative journalist Ben Adair and world-renowned interpreter Sharon Choi, Season One’s investigation goes where the police in California couldn’t and uncovers new evidence that may change the course of a case that stunned K-town. Strangeland is produced by Western Sound.

00:40:58 2021-11-08
The results of the new DNA tests are in, with big implications for Robin Cho, Byung Song, and the victims of this crime. So, the question is, will justice be served and how? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
00:33:17 2021-11-08
Ben and Sharon visit the lab that did the DNA testing that led to Robin Cho’s conviction. While touring the facility, they learn of DNA from the crime scene that’s never been tested. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
00:40:15 2021-11-08
It’s courtroom 101: the prosecution’s trying to make a case, the defense is trying to get their client off, and it’s the jury’s job to figure out the truth. But how much of the science that’s presented at court is actually scientific? Ben and Sh...
00:39:47 2021-11-08
As part of Strangeland’s reinvestigation, Ben and Sharon have been keeping a list that goes way beyond culture clashes and misunderstandings. It shows that the prosecution’s already-tenuous motive for Cho is even less solid than they thought. At the s...
00:35:33 2021-11-08
After almost eight weeks of trial and deliberations, there’s a verdict. However, though the jury has reached a decision, they don’t seem very confident when it comes to sentencing Robin Cho. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

00:45:34 2021-11-08
LAPD investigators pounce on Cho, interrogating him twice in the same day. After hours of getting nowhere, emotions boil over in the interrogation room. The cops eventually arrest him for murder… but they may have missed their chance to make the case. ...
00:43:17 2021-11-08
LAPD detectives take their first crack at their new suspect. However, things just aren’t adding up for the cops — or for Robin Cho. Afterward, Cho leads the police on a wild ride across Los Angeles and exhibits some very suspicious behavior. Learn mor...
00:33:34 2021-11-08
Who is this new suspect that the LAPD has pegged for the brutal Koreatown triple murder? A modest family man from the South Korean countryside who has some dark secrets — over two-and-a-half million of them. Do they add up to a motive for murder? Learn ...
00:41:22 2021-11-08
On May 5, 2003, Chi Hyon Song, a 30-year-old mother, along with her two-year-old son, and their 56-year-old nanny Eun Sik Min, were all slain, execution-style, in their modest apartment in Koreatown.   LAPD detectives first suspected Song’s husband, b...