The Astrophysics Academy: Just A Minute

Learn everything from the basics to the most complex concepts of Astrophysics in less than three minutes an episode! Astronomy simplified, compressed, touched up, and served right to your ears and mind. Find my blogs, socials, and contact information at

00:01:04 2021-07-31
The first season of The Astrophysics Academy comes to an end after thirty short episodes discussing a wide wide range of things, and our host is out to solve the next big scientific mystery: Season 2 comes when?
00:02:00 2021-07-31
In just two minutes, learn about the three major theories of how the universe may all come to an end, and what forces might cause it to do so.
00:01:40 2021-07-31
Learn about the paradoxical disappearance of information inside a black hole, their death in the form of Hawking radiation, and possibilities that could change everything we know about science, all in just 90 seconds! !
00:01:48 2021-07-31
Learn about the 5 types of alien civilizations that can exist, as predicted by Nikolai Kardashev's alien scale, and where earth lies in the cosmic evolution chart, all in just 90 seconds!
00:01:39 2021-07-24
In just 90 seconds, learn how the multiverse hypothesis works and how infinite daughter universes form with every minor decision of yours and everyone around you!

00:01:55 2021-07-21
Learn about dark matter, its effects, detection and possible components, all in just 90 seconds!
00:01:56 2021-07-19
Learn about wormholes, their working, predictions, and the possibility of using them, all in just 90 seconds!
00:01:14 2021-07-19
In less than 60 seconds, learn about the dimensional problem in string theory that bars it from becoming the grand theory of everything.
00:01:41 2021-07-17
In just 90 seconds, learn about the best and most famous candidate for the theory of everything, Sheldon's dearest, the string theory!
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