The Better Movement Podcast

Practical science about movement health and performance.

01:18:44 2021-11-19
Listen now | Joletta Belton writes and speaks about her experience with chronic pain so that patients, clinicians and researchers can understand the patient perspective. I have heard Joletta speak several times at pain conferences in San Diego and in Oslo...
01:09:16 2021-11-09
Listen now (69 min) | Rob Gray is an expert on motor learning, especially as applied to sports. I’ve been following his research for years, as well as his excellent Perception & Action Podcast, which is one of the best sources of online information ...
00:57:37 2021-09-22
Listen now | Dr. Tasha Stanton is a physiotherapist and a clinical scientist. After completing her PhD at the University of Sydney, she did post-doctoral work under the mentorship of professor Lorimer Moseley. She now leads her own research group as a sen...
00:59:52 2021-08-19
Listen now (59 min) | How attention affects motor learning This is a public episode. Get access to private episodes at
00:11:27 2021-08-11
Listen now | A 10-minute Feldenkrais-style movement lesson This is a public episode. Get access to private episodes at

00:50:24 2021-05-24
Ebonie Rio talks about her research on tendon pain: how they adapt to stress, how they can degenerate, why they hurt, and how to make them feel better.   This is a public episode. Get access to private episodes at
01:06:53 2021-05-04
Sports scientist Israel Halperin has traveled the world competing in and coaching elite level kickboxing and MMA. In this podcast we talk about why athletes perform better when they can choose their exercises, the complexity of assessing fatigue, the use ...
01:11:04 2021-04-20
Paul Ingraham, author of the amazing website, discuses his career writing evidence-based articles and e-books about musculoskeletal pain, including: his involvement in the skeptic community; his work as an editor at the Science Based Medic...
01:27:03 2021-04-06
Welcome to the fourth episode of the Better Movement podcast. My guest is James Steele. James is an Associate Professor of Sport and Exercise Science at Solent University, and the principal investigator at the ukactive Research Institute. He's also a memb...