James Steele on Low Back Pain and Low Back Extensor Strength

Welcome to the fourth episode of the Better Movement podcast. My guest is James Steele. James is an Associate Professor of Sport and Exercise Science at Solent University, and the principal investigator at the ukactive Research Institute. He's also a member of the team of experts helping the UK revise its official guidelines for physical activity.

James has published extensive research on exercise, especially strength training, and the connection between low back pain and low back extensor strength. He's also written about a subject I find especially interesting - an evolutionary perspective on exercise and low back pain, including discussions of how the low back and pelvis evolved in humans, and the kinds of physical activities engaged in by hunter-gatherer communities.

In this podcast we talk about all those subjects, as well as the prevalence of low back pain in hunter-gatherer populations, whether low back pain is a diseases of civilization, why humans have weak backs and strong hips, James' interest in high-intensity resistance training, and many other subjects.

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