146: Danny Kim - Head of Growth at SFOX

Ethan is joined by Danny Kim, Head of Growth at SFOX, a crypto trading platform and prime dealer for whale traders and institutional investors that's connected to over 20 exchanges and OTC desks to provide a single point of access to crypto markets. SFOX has quietly performed over $11B in transactions and works with some of the biggest names in crypto. Topics covered include: • Danny's Career: What lead him from his traditional banking job into the then unknown, wild world of crypto, ignoring concerns from his mentors and peers. (And whether it was worth it.)
• Danny tells us about SFOX – and what even is a Prime Dealer? Why a single point of liquidity to all the major crypto exchanges and OTC desks is key for institutional and retail adoption of crypto trading. • How SFOX is designed for traders: SFOX’s suite of algorithms – and SFOX's FoxEye suite of trading tools for personalized trading strategies.  • Traders Insurance: SFOX provides its traders with industry-first FDIC-insured accounts; why qualified insurance is vital for institutional adoption.  
 • What type of institutions are getting into crypto? From family offices and hedge funds to money managers, SFOX is seeing a wide variety of institutional investors gaining exposure to digital assets.  • Why segregated accounts are crucial to institutional investment in cryptocurrencies, and how the QuadrigaCX debacle exposed the current model as flawed.        

by The Blockchain Show