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00:10:29 2021-05-14
Kenz and Nate take some time to reflect on this past season as they head in separate directions for the summer. Stay tuned for Season 2 in August! 
00:19:10 2021-04-25
April is sexual assault awareness month, so as the month draws to a close we wanted to take the time to have an honest conversation about the topic, the effects it has on mental health, and what changes need to come. 
00:14:49 2021-04-19
Kenzie and Nate talk about the importance of being spontaneous, and what it can do for your mental health. 
00:20:55 2021-04-11
This week, Kenzie and Nate talk about taking responsibility and what real action looks like. 
00:38:06 2021-04-04
Nate and Kenzie speak with UofSC professor Leon Jackson about the power of telling stories. 
00:12:08 2021-03-29
Nate and Kenzie talk about the insights they gained from our previous weeks guest, Dr. Sarah.
00:50:25 2021-03-21
Tune in as The Daily Dos speaks with Dr. Sarah Wright on sex, society, and learning how to better yourself. 
00:24:52 2021-03-15
Kenz and Nate talk about how to balance your mental health in a relationship and after a break up. 
00:14:19 2021-03-08
Kenzie and Nate talk about how to be a good friend, and how to speak up when you know you need someone to be a good friend to you. 
00:17:45 2021-03-01
In this episode, Kenzie and Nate talk about how books can offer us different perspectives that we can learn and grow from!
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