The Flamingos Podcast with YAD, Kanzi & Awab

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The Flamingos Podcast with YAD, Kanzi & Awab


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In this episode, the guys talk about Father's Day. YAD asks the guys whether it is better to be set then get married or build up with their partner. Kanzi talks about TikTok's privacy breach. XXL 2021 Freshman List. YAD talks about Logic's comeback announcement. Music releases from H.E.R, Vince Staples, Tyler the Creator, Majid Jordan, Don Toliver, Isaiah Rashad, Wale & Chris Brown. YAD & Awab give a quick Euro's update.

Local: The Flamingos talk about Tariq JPEG's sexual harassment accusations. Talk + Cypher recap. Albaik in Dubai Mall. Soulja's"Nomadic's Journey". 

Flamingos Picks: YAD l Vortex "Mood".

In this episode, YAD talks about him getting his vaccine, the guys talk about summer's heat. Awab brings up a new ocean discovery. Zara head designer's hate message. Kanzi talks about Apple's WWDC 2021 & YAD talks about Dolby Atmos experience. Music releases from Migos "Culture lll", Pierre Bourne TLOP 5, also releases from Megan the Stallion, and French Montana. Kanzi Speaks about the Youtubers vs TikTokers Event, and YAD speaks about UFC event. The guys talk about Euro 2020.

Local: The Guys talk about the upcoming "Talk & Cypher workshop" by Manarat al Saadiyat & Sole. New Rules starting June 15. Local Music releases: Freek "Mia Mia", Marsimba "Maalouf Aloyoon", Walgz "Elb3d Elthalth", Narcy & Thanks Joey ft. Redveil "Evoloutionary Suicide".

Flamingos Picks: YAD l Figurez "Mn Ba'eed feat. Shqzu & Babylonjah", Walgz "Elb3d Elthalth". Awab l Freek "Mia Mia".

In this episode, Awab finally tells a weekend experience, Kanzi talks about his break, and YAD talks about another weekend with another problem. 

The guys discuss Mayweather vs. Logan Paul, they give their takes on the future of the sport. B Dot's top ten list. Music releases from the week, Kanzi & Awab give their takes on Lloyd Banks Album, and MORE! 

Flamingos discuss UAE's hottest summer to date news & their plans. LOCAL: The guys discuss releases from Man from Sudan "Luxury Rap (Rami Dawood, Silent E & Soulja), Mougleta "Heartbeat", Haadi "Know the Name" EP, and Nadine "After Everything"

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In this episode, YAD talks about his weekend opening up a question about the nightlife in Abu Dhabi. The guys discuss the Champions League final, and they talk about Nike splitting with Neymar. CEO of TikTok stepping down. The guys discuss Business & Friends, and many more.

Local: The guys talk about Synaptik x FREEK "Astronut in the Ocean remix". Saudi lifting the ban from 11 countries, and YAD talks about walk-in Pfizer jabs.

The guys discuss music releases: Kali B "Signals" & Michele "A Field of Green" 

Flamingos picks: YAD l Michele "Please don’t try me" & Unscripted ft. irshad “Is it Safe outside”. Awab l Kali B "Dangerous"

In this episode, the Flamingos talk about the cease-fire agreement. Kanzi talks about the Google I/O. Awab brings up the start of the Universal Hip-Hop Museum in the Bronx.

The guys discuss music releases this week from Dave East & Millyz "Pablo & Blanco" EP & Mac Hommy "Pray for Haiti", then YAD gives his remarks on Dave East & Awab talks about Griselda's releases. 

Local: The guys talk about the restrictions that Bahrain set for unvaccinated individuals. YAD talks about 100% Business ownership in the UAE.

The guys discuss tourism and events in Abu Dhabi. finally, they discuss local releases from Good Company "Shai Haleeb", Sammany "Shai Laban" & K.K., Al3S3S, Sways N Edges - "We Will Never Die (لن نرحل)".

Flamingos Picks: YAD l K.K., Al3S3S, Sways N Edges - "We Will Never Die (لن نرحل)". Kanzi l Good Company "Shai Haleeb"

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Flamingos are back discussing the recent events in Palestine. 

The guys talk about what they did in the past two weeks of their break. 

Joe Budden's problems with Rory & Mal. Hov being inducted into the hall of fame & Kobe's induction to the NBA's Hall of Fame.

DMX posthumous upcoming album. The guys discuss releases from Dj Khaled "Khaled Khaled", YAD talks about Jorja Smith's release "Be Right Back", they also discuss Migos "Straightenin"(32:21), finally the guys talk about J Cole's release "The Off-Season".  

Locally: the guys talk about Abu Dhabi's new traveling laws starting from July 1st & "Enta Al Batal by Fafa, Marwan Moussa & Issam Harris."

In this episode, the guys pay their tribute to the legendary Shock G, and talk about the importance of keeping legends relevant, they also talk about DMX's memorial. YAD brings up Methodman & Redman's Verzuz with the guys. The guys talk about the latest Apple event, and the new Podcast format they're having along with the other Apple releases. Kanzi talks about UFC261. Awab and YAD starts talking about the canceled "Super League". Music releases from Cordae, Snoop Dogg, & YAD talks about JMSN's Single "Rolling Stone", they also talk about Megan The Stallion "Career break" and Awab gives his thoughts. The guys discuss Funk Flex's opinion on The Migos relevancy to the youth.

Locally the guys talk about social distancing device to be used in EXPO 2021.

Flamingos Pick: YAD l Hawsa "Uh"

In this episode, YAD & Awab talk about the loss of Black Rob, and how the industry doesn't really give flowers to everyone. YAD talks about the Last of Us 2 & Mortal Kombat movie. Awab talks about Nas making $100M. The duo talks about the upcoming Verzuz between Method man & Redman a 4/20 special, also the Triller boxing event between Jake Paul and Ben Askren. YAD mentions Int. music releases this week from Young Thug "Slime Language ll", Conway The Machine "La Maquina", & Kenny Mason "Angelic Hoodrat: Supercut".  The guys talk about the importance of balancing your day throughout Ramadan. Locally they talk about Shadi's "Konnect" in collab with @reebokmena @freakinhealthyme @lesmillsmiddleast. Big Hass's collaborative work with Arab producers in releasing "Lofi Beats by Arab Producers ll". YAD talks about Mougleta & her latest single "burning bridges". Flamingo Picks: YAD l Mougleta "Burning Bridges".

In this episode, the Flamingos start off sending their condolences to the legendary DMX. the guys talk about Ramadan preparations. 

YAD goes with a recap from last week's football with the guys. Kanzi talks about Facebook's hacked accounts. the guys also talk about Netflix acquiring Kanye's documentary rights & MORE!

Music releases from Belly & Dave.

Local: YAD & the guys talk about RAK Sessions under "VisitRasAlKhaimah" initiative with local artists in the UAE, and Jindi's video. 

 Awab and Kanzi give their takes on Aidyproof's EP "Lenses" & MORE!

Flamingos Picks: YAD l MJeezy "Puerto Rico" Awab l Tageel "Bel3aks"

In this episode, the flamingos talk about if each person likes sharing their meal with someone. The guys give their thoughts on the Space Jam movie trailer. Kanzi asks Awab about Godzilla vs King Kong movie. YAD talks about DMX being hospitalized, and the guys talk about how influential X is to the game. YAD gives his thoughts on the Quavo & Saweetie drama. Apple $50M investment in "United Masters". YAD & Awab talk about the Champions League's upcoming intense matches.

Local: The guys talk about who is the #1 HipHop/R&B artist in the UAE, and they discuss music releases from Marwan Pablo "CTRL" EP, and a slight talk about AKA Keyzz album "Roots", and Soulja latest song "Charlestone".

Flamingos Picks: YAD l Soulja "Charlestone", Adam Nabeel "Like That". Hawsa "Bread.