The Law in Black and White

The Law in Black and White is a podcast discussing current events, including the business of law, innovation, and diversity in the legal industry from the perspective of Legal Innovators’ co-founders with complementary backgrounds, not afraid to share opposing opinions with a decided irreverence.

The Law in Black and White


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This week, we're joined by Alston + Bird's Chief Legal Talent Officer, Liz Price, and by Siobhan Handley, Chief Talent Officer at Orrick, about the changes their firms are implementing to retain diverse talent in big law.

We’re honored to have with us today Véronique Goy Veenhuys, founder and CEO of EQUAL-SALARY. 

Véronique Goy Veenhuys is a Swiss social entrepreneur and equal pay advocate. Véronique developed a practical and scientific certification process that allows companies to verify and communicate that they pay male and female employees equally for the same role. She has overseen its development from day one and in 2010, became the founder and CEO of EQUAL-SALARY. Certifications can be issued to all companies, across all industries and are meant to demonstrate a company’s commitment and action toward eliminating the gender pay gap. 

In 2015, Véronique was awarded the WIN Global Inspiring Women Worldwide Award in recognition for her work with EQUAL-SALARY and in her contributions to equal pay and the advancement of women.

As we continue through Women's History Month, we're honored to speak with Angela Grant, the Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary at Palomar Holdings, Inc., and LaTanya Langley, who serves as Vice President, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary at BIC.

The role of a General Counsel or Chief Legal Officer is ever evolving. GCs often have a seat at the management table, are a trusted partner to the C-suite and board, and are increasingly responsible for enhancing the business, financial, and risk management strategies of a corporation and the integrity of its operations.

With the pandemic, we have seen many companies and GCs focused on doing more with less across the board from cost savings, to evaluating resources, to managing culture and teams efficiently.

We're honored to kick off the month of March with a conversation with former ABA President, and Locke Lorde LLP Partner, Paulette Brown.

As a woman of color and a veteran in the legal industry, Paulette joins us to discuss her long career of advocating for diversity and inclusion in the legal profession. 

As we kick off a series of episodes focused on celebrating Black History Month through conversations with prominent black lawyers, our guest is David Baker Lewis, who shared with us nearly five decades of insights on the legal profession.

This week, we’re joined by two experts, Professor Paula Monopoli from the University of Maryland Carey School of Law and Professor Melissa Murray from NYU School of Law, to discuss driving gender equity in the legal industry.

In this episode, hosts Jon Greenblatt and Bryan Parker speak with ALSP expert Dan Packel from Law.com about the history of ALSPs, the trends of innovation in the legal industry, and predictions for new law post-covid.

In this episode, Bryan and Jon discuss recent trends and predictions around how the workplace will change post-COVID. They dive into changes in attire, office space, technology and more. They also introduce their new segment, Law in Black and White Weekly Pet Peeve.

In this episode, we share our full, uncut interview with Mathew Brief, a former prosecutor both federal, as well as in the Manhattan district attorney's office. Matt joins us to share his insights on the laws that govern how we handle the recent cases of police shootings and social unrest in the United States.

If you haven't listened to episode one, make sure to tune in to hear Bryan and Jon's breakdown of this interview.

For our inaugural episode, we focus on the sensitive subject of the recent trend of police shootings and social injustice in the United States. As close friends of different races - this subject is close to our hearts, and we'd feel remiss not to talk about it from an objective, legal lens.

During this episode, you'll hear excerpts from our interview with Matthew Brief, former New York prosecutor. To hear the full, uncut interview with Matt, check out Episode Two.