Part One: How We Got To NOW

Life is short, but time is really, really long. So long that most of us can’t really comprehend more than a few years at a time into the future. It’s time to take a longer view. In Part One, we will look at how we’ve arrived at a short-term culture that is obsessed with short-term thinking, quick fixes and instant gratification. We’ll consider how the industrial revolution reshaped our relationship with time and why getting long-term could be essential to the survival of our species. Over your time in the academy you’ll learn how thinking long term can help make you feel more present, more connected, less anxious and more hopeful about the future.

Are you ready? Good. Because class is now in session.

Special thanks to the contributors to this episode, Celeste Headlee, Roman Krznaric, Toby Ord, Diane Schenandoah, Michelle Schenandoah, Jamil Zaki and Finley Rainbow.


Celeste Headlee’s book, Do Nothing How to Break Away from Overworking Overdoing and Underliving, is available HERE, and in all good local bookshops

Roman Krznaric’s book, The Good Ancestor: How to Think Long Term in a Short-Term World, is available HERE, and in all good local bookshops

Toby Ord’s Book, The Precipice: Existential Risk and the Future of Humanity is available here and in all good local bookshops

Jamil Zaki’s book, The War for Kindness is available here and in all good local bookshops

Michelle Schenandoah is the founder of Rematriation magazine - read here

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