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Don’t just watch a movie; understand it. Don’t just hear a song; consider what it has to say. On The Review, writers and guests discuss how we entertain ourselves, and how that defines the way we see the world. Join The Atlantic’s writers as they break down a work of pop culture each week, exploring the big questions that great art can provoke, making some recommendations for you, and having a little fun along the way.

00:40:25 2021-10-20
The boar is on the floor. The Greggs are in the Tomlettes. And season 3 of HBO’s Succession is finally here. Spencer Kornhaber, Shirley Li, and Hannah Giorgis break down the season premiere and unpack the appeal of Succession. What explains the unique ...
00:43:33 2021-10-13
James Bond now spans 25 movies, six actors, and six decades—not to mention the books, video games, and imitations. Over the years, the character has evolved from the stoic, womanizing emblem of British empire to Daniel Craig’s emotionally driven inter...
00:45:53 2021-10-06
David Sims, Megan Garber, and Sophie Gilbert examine the unlikely success that is Ted Lasso, and ask what the show’s much-discussed second season has to say about the merits (and the limits) of American optimism. Visit for more...
00:02:08 2021-09-29
On The Review, The Atlantic's writers and guests discuss how we entertain ourselves and how that shapes the way we understand the world.