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Group of Friends talking about random stuffs that's around you like science, technology, political and more.

Vaaila Vadai Podcast


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This episode is about flaws in Indian Commercial movies and how can we correct it and also what audience expect to the directors.

Our podcast Host Broly's 50th episode is about history of swear words and meaning of those words.

This is a short episode.

In this episode we covered in and out of menstruation with female speaker Rose. Episode is all about men's should learn menstruation and their role with their partner.

This episode is about social workers (Prostitute) and the issues they face in their life. Even though she is a prostitute, she is also women is our base line of this episode. 

About Anime culture in India, about crunchy roll and funimation those stuffs, with Gaming Madness Tamil Podcast.

We covered the freedom of speech at home, school, college and in internet. Then also we covered Lakshadweep issue in this episode.

Followers questions and some announcement for Season 3.

This episode engages people to get information regarding natural bodybuilding and its future.

Bambaram in vidimuraigal and experience.