White Hot Hate

A violent, white supremacist ideology is spreading around the world, with believers trying to create chaos, in order to seize control. When recruitment posters for a group calling itself The Base start to appear in Manitoba, Winnipeg Free Press journalist Ryan Thorpe decides to go undercover...and infiltrate. Ryan meets with a Canadian Armed Forces reservist trying to establish a local neo-Nazi cell, and discovers that he is planning attacks and destruction abroad. This six-part series follows the extraordinary case through Ryan’s perspective as an infiltrator - while host Michelle Shephard, a veteran national security journalist, explores the rise of white supremacist accelerationism. New episodes released weekly on Wednesdays.

21:37:22 2021-12-07
Why are lonely, young men a growing threat to our safety? In 2018, a Toronto man drove a van down a busy sidewalk, killing 11 people and injuring many more. He was linked to the "incel" movement, a dark online world fueled by violent misogyny, extreme iso...
21:39:09 2021-11-24
Patrik Mathews could be facing up to 25 years in prison for U.S. firearm offences. His and others’ arrests may have destroyed the appeal of accelerationist groups like The Base — but where is the movement heading now?
21:48:11 2021-11-16
We speak with ‘Roman Wolf,’ the founder of The Base. Who is he really? Why did he start a white supremacist network? And with half a dozen members behind bars, what comes next?
21:28:38 2021-11-09
Some members of The Base are planning deadly attacks that they hope will spark a race war. Will they be stopped, before it's too late?
21:35:10 2021-11-02
Outed as a member of The Base, Patrik Mathews disappears. His abandoned truck is discovered near the Canada-U.S. border. He could be heading to a training camp. But what exactly are they training for?

21:36:06 2021-10-26
When recruitment posters for a white supremacist network start appearing around town, Winnipeg Free Press journalist Ryan Thorpe decides to go undercover and infiltrate the group.
21:03:01 2021-10-21
‘White Hot Hate’ follows the extraordinary case of a Canadian journalist who infiltrated an international neo-Nazi extremist network. Host Michelle Shephard explores the rise of white supremacist accelerationism: the ultra-violent ideology that drives...