Real life Horror stories. An on-demand spookfest!

00:14:55 2019-05-02
Tarun and Aditi are twins who love each other to death. But one fateful visit to the mall changes the course of their relationship forever.
00:12:11 2019-05-02
Karan and his wife Priya share a happy marriage. However, Karan's secrets come back to haunt him in a way that he could have never imagined.
00:13:11 2019-05-02
Rajiv, a young student, sets out to find if his college library is haunted. But just when he concludes that the library is safe, things take a different turn for him.
00:15:27 2019-05-02
An uncanny client's case sends Doctor Tarun Agarwal on a quest to solve a mystery that might take over his very life.
00:14:54 2019-05-02
When Riya claims that she is being haunted, her mother refuses to believe her. But her teacher Sameera notices that some unknown force is indeed troubling her.
00:13:54 2019-05-02
A childish challenge between three friends ends up shaking the roots of history and beckons troubles far beyond their control.
00:12:06 2019-05-02
A mysterious suitcase lands outside Prashant's apartment. Is it just a regular item forgotten by someone or does it have an ulterior motive of its own?
00:14:50 2019-05-02
Gayatri, a teacher, is in mourning after her husband Pankaj's death. But one day, she witnesses something that makes her believe her husband is back in her life.
00:12:39 2019-05-02
On his way to work, Amit comes across a collapsed building and an old man who asks for his help. But when he decides to help him, everything changes for him.
00:12:55 2019-05-02
Kanchan's parents buy her a new doll at a fair. But when they start noticing how Kanchan talks to the doll, they start to fear the worst.